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  1. Noneof Yourbusiness commented on Soup to Nutz 11 months ago

    So how is OK to present an old joke as an original comic? Running out of original ideas? This is laziness.

  2. Noneof Yourbusiness commented on Graffiti over 2 years ago

    There are so many good books out there, why bother reading such a poorly written work of fiction? With over 1500 contradictions, the authors were obviously too lazy to bother writing a believable, coherent story. But, for a bunch of iron-age goat herders, I guess they did alright. Why modern people believe this silliness is quite sad.

  3. Noneof Yourbusiness commented on Soup to Nutz over 2 years ago

    I first saw this joke MANY years ago in a Dennis the Menace comic:

    Dennis answers the door and sees his grandmother standing there and says, “Oh grandma, I’m so happy you’re here! Now I can see daddy do his trick.”

    Grandma replies, “What trick is that dear?”

    Dennis says, “Daddy said if you were staying for two weeks he was going to climb the walls.”

  4. Noneof Yourbusiness commented on Family Tree about 4 years ago

    I almost never comment on any strips, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy them less. You can be proud of your work even if it didn’t pay the bills. Sorry to see the strip end.