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  1. FKafka commented on Bliss 28 days ago

    In the early 20th century there was “duck” tape. In the ’50s there was an adhesive tape, originally called “duck” tape as well. But since it was so often used on air ducts, it began to be termed “duct” tape. Either Expression should be judged as being O.K., I think. Cheers.

  2. FKafka commented on Peanuts Begins 2 months ago

    “… or rather the sun, and not the moon, for it shines bright, and never changes, but keeps his course truly.” Henry V, Act 5, Scene 2, King Henry describes himself to his intended bride, as not so good-looking, but steady and loyal.

  3. FKafka commented on Free Range 6 months ago

    A horse would have been useful to him as a young man in 1705, when he famously walked 250 miles, from Arnstadt to Luebeck, to hear Buxtehude. The next year he walked back.

  4. FKafka commented on Bliss 6 months ago

    A recent survey revealed that there is a predilection for Chinese food on Xmas by Jewish people in America. Es gezunderheyt!

  5. FKafka commented on Brevity 6 months ago

    The homunculus being dipped is obviously a baseball player; and the baseball image on the apron reinforces the reference. The surname “Swift” calls to mind Bill Swift. I believe that he retired about 2 years ago. For more, type his name into your search engine. Cheers.

  6. FKafka commented on The Argyle Sweater over 1 year ago

    Oy, veh! (oder, Eu, Weh!) The Shiites have traditionally been more tolerant of images of Muhammad than the Sunnis. Today, there is little pattern. See the article “Depiction of Muhammad” on wikipedia for, of course, depictions of Muhammad, as well as homicidal reactions.

  7. FKafka commented on Ginger Meggs over 1 year ago

    I note the title “Principal.” I’d have expected the phrase “Head Master.” Either is fine with me. Of course, my sister visited the antipodes 3 times last year, and one impression surprising to her was that North American influence was greater and British influence less than she had expected. In particular, American television was very widespread.

  8. FKafka commented on The Duplex over 1 year ago

    Moon Phase, Initially, this comic was mostly concerned with the interactions between Eno (and his dog) and the girl Mitzi (and her dog). Each lived in one half of a duplex. If you wish, go to wikipedia and type “The Duplex” to learn more ofthe background. Cheers.

  9. FKafka commented on Off the Mark over 1 year ago

    Yeah, I didn’t get the pun either. It seems that Buzzfeed is an internet site, offering insight into “the viral web in real time.” It is sufficient for me simply to know that it is a pun on bees buzzing and buzz meaning gossip or hearsay. Cheers.

  10. FKafka commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not over 1 year ago

    The original Montgomery Ward went bankrupt in 2000. There is a company now which owns the name and does business on the internet, but it has no historical nor legal connection with the first MW. Best wishes.