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  1. Cat Hammer commented on Richard's Poor Almanac about 1 month ago

    Opossums and William Howard Taft: http://mentalfloss.com/article/51030/billy-possum-president-tafts-answer-teddy-bear

  2. Cat Hammer commented on Pooch Cafe 2 months ago

    What about “Eek”?

  3. Cat Hammer commented on Dog Eat Doug 4 months ago

    Good thing she’s not a yellow or black lab, the names would already be taken.

  4. Cat Hammer commented on Endtown 6 months ago

    Cool, I can never get engine blocks to bounce that high!

  5. Cat Hammer commented on Luann 6 months ago

    Stretch things out by running a double feature with “Shadow of the Vampire”. Yeah, I know it’s not silent, but still…

  6. Cat Hammer commented on Strange Brew 6 months ago

    Is this one in the collection? http://www.phaxda.com/eggers/frogleg.jpg

  7. Cat Hammer commented on Pearls Before Swine 8 months ago

    A Trump rally (or Hillary’s, or Bernie’s) is generally a private event with the venue paid for by the supporting organization, not a government entity. They can impose whatever limits they wish for speaking or behavior.

    As has been noted, the First A. is a prohibition on the government (and by extension, “government” schools) from restricting free speech.

    @Sheila: Wrong (as far as a “government” school). It would be dicey for such to hire a speaker whose main thrust was to proselytize for a specific religion, but attempting to suppress a speaker because his presentation contained a tangential discussion of a particular disfavored religion WOULD be unacceptable.

  8. Cat Hammer commented on Pooch Cafe 8 months ago

    Don’t drink and fly (or waddle).

  9. Cat Hammer commented on Dog Eat Doug 8 months ago

    And has a perforated “sprinkler” top.

  10. Cat Hammer commented on Pooch Cafe 8 months ago

    Clever to have the fire put out by a Dalmatian.