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  1. bowtiedaddy commented on Big Nate 9 days ago

    I buy the frozen GF pizza crust, then add cheese and pepperoni; it tastes very good to me, even if it is square…

  2. bowtiedaddy commented on La Cucaracha 10 days ago

    It’s the latest idea to turn red states into blue ones….

  3. bowtiedaddy commented on Mike Lester 19 days ago

    Everyone that wants the “undocumented” to stay should let them into their own home….

  4. bowtiedaddy commented on Michael Ramirez 20 days ago

    The United States Of America is NOT a democracy. It is a representative Republic…. That’s why we pledge “And to the Republic, for which it stands.” The pols have perverted it into an ersatz democracy.

  5. bowtiedaddy commented on Chuckle Bros 22 days ago

    Ginger AND Mary Ann!

  6. bowtiedaddy commented on Flo and Friends about 1 month ago

    Kim Peterson, 106.7 talk radio: “The best thing about old age is it doesn’t last that long!” Kimmer is. the. man.
    BTW, I’m 62.

  7. bowtiedaddy commented on Mike Luckovich about 1 month ago

    Check your law. Driving a car is a PRIVILEGE granted by the state. Owning a firearm is a RIGHT. There is a BIG difference.

  8. bowtiedaddy commented on Boomerangs about 1 month ago

    I always liked “If you fall down and break your legs, don’t come running to me.”

  9. bowtiedaddy commented on Matt Bors 2 months ago

    All the abductees were at a private school, that means they are the 1%…. isn’t this what everyone wants to happen to the 1%?

  10. bowtiedaddy commented on Signe Wilkinson 2 months ago

    Too bad the bootlegging business is bust; we could all be Kennedys.