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  1. cybearmac commented on Break of Day about 2 years ago

    Unless there’s another kid in that crib, ’baby’s" not only needs the apostrophe William seeks, but needs to be singular, too. Or, should it be hyphenated—-babies-app time??

  2. cybearmac commented on Cartertoons over 2 years ago

    Would have been funnier if the handwriting was perfectly symmetrical as well.

  3. cybearmac commented on Compu-toon over 3 years ago

    Then “some people” are wrong.
    Funny that a cartoon about computers didn’t run a grammar check — or is that part of the joke?

  4. cybearmac commented on Cartertoons over 3 years ago

    Funny, but this implies that only men are perverts. It would have been funnier if both doors were clear.

  5. cybearmac commented on Get a Life over 4 years ago

    YEAH!! Welcome back!!

    DK if it’s a rerun, but reruns (or Classics!) better than nothing at all!!

  6. cybearmac commented on Off the Mark over 4 years ago

    Would have been cuter if the pool looked like a soup bowl.

  7. cybearmac commented on Farcus over 4 years ago

    Thanks Clementinebear.
    Are these new strips or reruns? The product number noted on that site, FR021293, looks like it could be from 1993.

  8. cybearmac commented on Moderately Confused almost 5 years ago

    I hope this is a comment on iCloud and not on Steve Job’s creativity because SJ would never design a cloud like this. His genius was making the complex simple without losing the beauty of the design. This “cloud” is not simple, it’s simplistic.

  9. cybearmac commented on Angry Little Girls about 5 years ago

    And… in keeping with the theme of the comic, shouldn’t the ad to the right “around the web” read W (web site) then T (Twitter) then F (Facebook)—-WTF? :o)

  10. cybearmac commented on Angry Little Girls about 5 years ago

    Love this!