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  1. steve gallacci commented on Endtown 3 days ago

    I’ve had a guess about The virus for a long time that it was a weapon, intended to target an individual by ideology/mindset. But that it went terribly wrong. So, instead it latches on to the chaos of the waking mind to make monsters and cartoons-as-dream images out of those asleep. This also helps explain the intensity of the TS hate-on for both mutants and immunes. The TSers represent a political/ideological sub-set that considers world-wide genocide to be in-line with their goals

  2. steve gallacci commented on Endtown 16 days ago

    Actually, it is all too easy to get into a cycle of ever-increasing debt without ever indulging in frivolous spending. Especially if the system is set up with predatory lending and punitive lack of debt mitigation. The intention is to make poverty so awful that people would feel compelled to make distasteful choices- like becoming a wage slave. And in this case, actually criminalize poverty with all that comes with it.

  3. steve gallacci commented on Endtown 2 months ago

    And do you notice that once they are fully in the cabin, the local gravity vector takes over and they match the glasses of water.

  4. steve gallacci commented on Endtown 3 months ago

    Veteran- The loose lines as life-boat rigging was my first thought in the previous scenes as well, but would only be adjacent to likely lifeboat positions, not draped over the various propulsion pods.

  5. steve gallacci commented on Endtown 3 months ago

    The dangling lines could be the remains of lift envelope rigging- if the ship was lofted by such and the pods are merely thrusters of some sort.

  6. steve gallacci commented on Endtown 3 months ago

    A PS, if the ship had flying pods, that would imply a particularly robust structure to deal with lift point loads- and clarify some of the tech base not fully explained before.

  7. steve gallacci commented on Endtown 3 months ago

    If it hasn’t been scoured by scavengers, there could be all kinds of crew stores- unless they’ve been undone by Amesworth Radiation. Similarly, as this is a bulk cargo ship, it could have anything from coal to corn. Normally, a ship might not endure at that angle (the Titanic is not a good example, however) but REALLY WEIRD things happened in the Last War, so almost anything is possible.

  8. steve gallacci commented on Endtown 3 months ago

    Could be something good, could be something bad- in terms of the story telling. Used well it could give them a fighting chance against the TSers, used poorly, could become a lame deus ex machina for all kinds of “perils of Pauline” situations. Heres to hoping Aaron uses it for good.

  9. steve gallacci commented on Arlo and Janis 3 months ago

    oh, what a waste- I’m in the middle of converting my jack-o-lantern into pu’kin pies.

  10. steve gallacci commented on Dick Tracy 3 months ago

    The hat and coat are not right, unless that is deliberate, as “Chalice” is taking on the role of Tracy and has his style of coat. I applaude the stretch in the writing. Way to go Mike.