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  1. steve gallacci commented on Endtown 2 months ago

    Okay, so it is more likely a simple displacement gas. Any actual war gas is just too toxic, and even most incidentally poisonous gases tend to be nasty enough that even the lizard people wouldn’t be that casual about it.

  2. steve gallacci commented on Endtown 2 months ago

    I just realized that it may not be so much a toxic gas, considering that it is being used adjacent to living spaces, but a simple displacement gas, perhaps even sented to warn of its use. Enough volume of CO2 or an inert like Argon is still lethal.

  3. steve gallacci commented on Arlo and Janis 3 months ago

    As a widower, just looking is something you can’t ever have done enough.

  4. steve gallacci commented on Endtown 5 months ago

    Bringing up the woman hits man aspect is, ultimately, a distraction tactic to pull the conversation away from the vast majority of man hits woman violence. Nabuq’ seems to be a troll for Outrage Politics, his various posts might as well be cutting and pasting various talking points from the Furious Fringe.

  5. steve gallacci commented on Endtown 5 months ago

    Bruno- I’m not familiar with the study and would need more/better to draw anything from it. However, “starting it” leaves the act out of any context, and is then being used as a rationale for any subsequent escalation of violence by the man. Certainly, the final body count shows that women, regardless as tho who started it, are the overwhelming losers, so men, by and large, are hardly the ultimate victim here.

  6. steve gallacci commented on Endtown 5 months ago

    Nabuq’- The saddest things about your post is that you likely believe it. But it smells like it came right out of the crackpot “men’s rights” propaganda play book. Not to say that woman on man domestic violence doesn’t happen, but the exaggerated emphasis is used to obscure or excuse the overwhelming majority (likely more than 80%) of man on woman domestic violence.

  7. steve gallacci commented on Endtown 5 months ago

    I’m wondering if the history of this reality includes a long period of underground shelters/sanctuaries going on to substantial civil defense structures well before the War? Post war, Amesworth projectors could make new excavations easily enough, but infrastructure takes time.

  8. steve gallacci commented on Endtown 6 months ago

    As the story has developed, I wonder if the Topsiders are not as cohesive as we might think? All the early one had mutts and transporters and plenty of them, but Jim and Sarah’s crowd have oodles of those big drones (instead?) But manufacturing may not equate to population needs. Or maybe a ruthless ideology? (re Sarah as resource liability) I wonder about the suits, as the Topsiders have fairly high level nanotech and the suits seem to be able take care of business fairly well, yet they are surprisingly vulnerable. An oversight or deliberate feature?

  9. steve gallacci commented on Endtown 6 months ago

    Veteran- I’m still WAG-ing that the virus was a deliberate weapon that went wrong/got out too early. As its effect is related to brain function, it may have been intended as an ideological weapon, either doing something good to those with the “correct” mindset or something bad to dissidents.

  10. steve gallacci commented on Endtown 7 months ago

    Though not touched on all that much in the strip, other than Amesworth weapons were also used, so it may be possible that outlaying areas might not have been powdered, but may have received more conventional nuclear fallout. So even if left relatively untouched, still might not be useful. But even if it was mainly Amesworth, vast areas may have been exposed to the equivelent of fallout, and even if not totally powdered, could have had ground cover and top soil in effect stripped off by limited exposure. The acreage of a whole planet is really big, and it seems unlikely that there could have been enough weapons to burn/powder everything, (at the height of the Cold War, there was not actually enough weapons to burn everyone, not counting fallout) but still likely that the areas not struck would still be in poor shape.