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  1. Alan Rees commented on Alley Oop 10 days ago

    I have become a big fan of the “Sunday recap.” I don’t have time to keep up with all the comics that I enjoy and like to read. At least with this one I don’t have to read it every day. Once a week keeps me reasonably abreast with the story.

  2. Alan Rees commented on Views of the World 24 days ago

    Who says that’s the case? That the refugees are only heading for Europe and not for Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries? The largest numbers do push into the near neighbouring countries. But since most of those are already overwhelmed, many then push on further afield. Unfortunately, the western media are not interested in the refugee crisis until it comes closer to home.

    See, for example, http://stepfeed.com/more-categories/big-news/most-populated-refugee-camps-middle-east/#.V_IM4Ch96hc

    And http://odihpn.org/magazine/refugees-host-states-and-displacement-in-the-middle-east-an-enduring-challenge/

  3. Alan Rees commented on For Heaven's Sake 30 days ago

    Agnes Day = Agnus Dei = “Lamb of God” = Jesus

  4. Alan Rees commented on Views of the World 7 months ago


  5. Alan Rees commented on For Heaven's Sake 8 months ago

    I wonder if Mike Morgan, the cartoonist, is aware that the day this was posted, February 24, is the anniversary of the birth of Charles Wesley’s son Samuel who was a composer and composed 100 or more hymn tunes, although few of them survive today even in the most obscure hymnbooks.

  6. Alan Rees commented on Henry Payne 9 months ago

    It’s remarkable how insular climate change deniers are. All the explanations I have seen so far for the extreme weather in parts of the northern hemisphere this (northern hemisphere) winter say it stems from a stronger-than-usual “El Niño” effect, caused by WARMER-than-usual water in the south pacific, off South America. Meanwhile, when I mentioned the cold weather we are having right now in Hong Kong, a friend in New Zealand mentioned how how it was down there.

  7. Alan Rees commented on For Heaven's Sake 10 months ago

    You haven’t heard of the Twelve Days of Christmas?

  8. Alan Rees commented on Pluggers 12 months ago

    Going up is actually easier on your knees; walking down a flight of stairs is very hard on the knees, and something to be avoided if at all possible if you have bad knees. (I don’t, but my wife does.)

  9. Alan Rees commented on Pluggers about 1 year ago

    Barefoot is best. It was best when I was a kid and it’s still best now I’m 66.

  10. Alan Rees commented on Pearls Before Swine about 1 year ago

    No pun here, this time. Just a tongue-twister.