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  1. Manly Grimes commented on Invisible Bread over 3 years ago

    Character commenting on comic convention and breaking the fourth wall… good one!

  2. Manly Grimes commented on NEUROTICA over 3 years ago

    Strip is dead and in repeats. This break and restart is back in time again to 2003.

  3. Manly Grimes commented on NEUROTICA almost 4 years ago

    This comic is dead and in reruns. Look at the date on the strip – 2004. This is why it has nothing to do with current time events. Merry X-mas.

  4. Manly Grimes commented on NEUROTICA over 4 years ago

    Dear peoples,
    This strip died awhile back and is now in re-runs FYI. Look at the strip date and you’ll see 2004, which is why it’s not in sync with this current month. Got it?