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  1. Barc O'Dez commented on Phil Hands about 1 month ago

    You’re joking, right? No bias there.

  2. Barc O'Dez commented on Steve Benson about 1 month ago

    So what I was trying to say is: I agree with you Dypak. This cartoon is an unfair insult to John Stewart and the Daily Show.

  3. Barc O'Dez commented on Steve Benson about 1 month ago

    > Righties can’t stand John Stewart
    Can too. Yes, he’s biased and focuses more on the follies of one group than the other. But when it counts, John Stewart will shine the light wherever it needs to be shown. He’s shown more integrity and hard-hitting journalistic integrity then anyone from MSNBC or CNN has in the last 10 years.

  4. Barc O'Dez commented on Lisa Benson 3 months ago

    You make sense. You are correct that the polls were of Muslims in European Western countries – where funny enough the event takes place. I absolutely agree there’s an attempt to make it “us” vs “them”. The more they can claim it’s Islam vs “the west” the more they can recruit.
    I apologize if I missed your intention. My point is, at least in the U.S., it’s difficult to have an intellectually conversation about racism, terrorism, what to have for breakfast anymore because invariably someone gets offended. We need to get past that.

  5. Barc O'Dez commented on Lisa Benson 3 months ago

    I can agree not to paint all people from one religion as radicals.
    Now that that’s out of the way, can we have an intelligent conversation about how there’s an ever-growing percentage from one religion who are radicalized and feel it’s their Allah-given imperative to destroy those who don’t feel the way they do? And a large (around 35% depending on the poll) percentage of those who follow the same religion, while wouldn’t do terrorist acts themselves, do support it? In the interest of diversity, Western society has said it’s okay for these people to subjugate their women and children in Western society, not assimilate to the society they’ve emigrated to, or follow the same rules as the rest of us – police don’t even investigate crimes in some Muslim communities in London and Paris because they’re not welcome. We can’t even talk about the issues for fear of being called racists or Islamophobes.

  6. Barc O'Dez commented on Signe Wilkinson 3 months ago

    America was founded on the ideal of individual liberty and a distrust of authority (i.e. the British who could tax and punish with little prompting.) The founding fathers tried to instill a country where questioning those who have power over us is a right and encouraged. Is it any wonder our stories do the same?
    It’s true, many cops will tell you there are bad seeds on the force. For whatever reason, they’re bullies. But they’re the exception. Most are normal people just trying to do good.
    Morty, your assumption is perpetuated by the media who don’t let FACTS get in the way of a good narrative. Is there a perception problem? Absolutely, as evidenced by your post. Is it real? Not nearly as much as it’s portrayed by our own hyped up “news” for whom ratings are king.

  7. Barc O'Dez commented on Joel Pett 9 months ago

    Thank you for your services and your story, sir.

  8. Barc O'Dez commented on Lisa Benson 9 months ago

    I say this feeling as you, this President has done everything he can to push a destructive agenda and reshape what it means to be American. I do believe his crimes are egregious and plentiful and he should be impeached. While I appreciate the passion your post contains, a duly elected President should be removed from office legally and with cause or we’re no better than those we fight.

  9. Barc O'Dez commented on Lisa Benson 9 months ago

    Most liberals who comment seem willfully ignorant of what true conservationism is. The fact is most conservatives are thoughtful, analytical people who understand cause & effect, and see a world beyond the pettiness of feel-good, tribal politics. Most conservatives I know look at the Republican party as “the better of two evils” and hope for better representation. Most that I know are not racists or homophobes, but believe a stronger America is a conservative one. You sir, are reinforcing the liberal mis-characterization of the Conservative movement. Please stop it.

  10. Barc O'Dez commented on Lisa Benson about 1 year ago

    Real life example. Our company shut down all our California offices and moved the HQ from south SF bay area to Wisconsin. Our C-levels were all eager to move. Taxes, regulations, employee salary demands, commute and quality of life all factored into this decision, along with rent. Office space was so much cheaper. As people quit in California, we rehire in Wisconsin. It’s a no-brainer.