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  1. Barc O'Dez commented on Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz 3 days ago

    Easy one. He said it was mailed from “a broad”.

  2. Barc O'Dez commented on Robert Ariail 27 days ago

    Whoops. Y no edit? Meant “… than ever.” and the “than there are men” was meant for graduating college.

  3. Barc O'Dez commented on Robert Ariail 27 days ago

    The idea of a glass ceiling is ridiculous in this day and age. There are more female CEOs in the Fortune 500 than there are men. There are more women graduating college than there are men. There are more women in politics and in office than ever before. The election is hers to lose, but if Donald is elected it won’t be because of sexism as much the left wants to make it so. Just like not liking Obama policies is not racism. In the end, it’s possible to not like the policies of a person, or even the person, without it being about race, sex, religion, how they tie their shoes or what their hair looks like.

  4. Barc O'Dez commented on Jerry Holbert about 1 month ago

    You forgot to mention how the neighbors keep trying to apply their house rules to your home. Many of the decisions for how to run your home have to get full agreement from everyone in the neighborhood.

  5. Barc O'Dez commented on (th)ink 3 months ago

    I predict a very tame convention compared to the Democratic one. At least inside. If San Jose is any indication, there will be plenty of violence from the side that claims to be the most tolerant.

  6. Barc O'Dez commented on Lisa Benson 3 months ago

    > After two years …

    Wheels of justice take a little longer when you stonewall, stonewall, stonewall and command all your henchmen to do the same. Incidentally, the Watergate scandal took well over two years too. Perhaps there was nothing there either?

  7. Barc O'Dez commented on Ted Rall 3 months ago

    Huh. I never put an asterisk next to our first black president, first potential woman or Jewish presidents. Who’s doing that? Who feels it’s necessary? Hell, which party must segregate it’s constituency into labels at all?

  8. Barc O'Dez commented on Jeff Stahler 3 months ago

    Source from article… DHS.

  9. Barc O'Dez commented on Gary Varvel 3 months ago

    You’re the type of constituent bureaucracies love! TSA, NPS, and other alphabet-soup federal agencies have figured out how to fool you every time.

    • Close down an open-air national park
    • Spend millions on software a 5th grader could build in 3 hours.
    • Spend billions on machines that you’re not allowed to use.
    • Do this instead of hiring more worker
    • Do these things instead of focusing on actual security (90% of their own audits FAIL).
    • Cry “we don’t have enough money!” and emphasize this by making sure the lines are slower & longer.
    • Rinse & repeat.

  10. Barc O'Dez commented on Jeff Stahler 3 months ago

    It’s a lovely lie. Using Bush’s policies the number of “removals” (formal deportations) have increased. But the number of “returns” (less harsh, basically turn around at the gate) has decreased significantly. Add to that the overall increase in crossings due to public statements made by the president.

    Source: https://newrepublic.com/article/117412/deportations-under-obama-vs-bush-who-deported-more-immigrants