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Broom Hilda by Russell Myers

Broom Hilda

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  1. whitet3260 commented on Dilbert Classics about 5 hours ago

    … and the government takes that tax and gives it to the 50% who didn’t pay anything.

  2. whitet3260 commented on Family Tree about 5 hours ago

    I know which one I’d rather see.

  3. whitet3260 commented on Non Sequitur about 5 hours ago

    The red hats are made in the USA.

  4. whitet3260 commented on For Better or For Worse 3 days ago

    Is that a Walkman he’s listening to?

  5. whitet3260 commented on B.C. 4 days ago

    So… that’s a ‘yes?’

  6. whitet3260 commented on Shoe 6 days ago

    Thank you, Hillary. If it were her, she would have added, “But I met the challenge and now don’t care at all about ethics.”

  7. whitet3260 commented on Stone Soup Classics 7 days ago

    Offensive to women with no arms or legs who give birth to mutant children.

  8. whitet3260 commented on Wizard of Id 7 days ago

    … on a stick.

  9. whitet3260 commented on Doonesbury 11 days ago

    In “my day” a real woman would cold cock you for doing that. Now they take it in hope of getting favorable treatment and then use it 11 years later when it will bring them advantage (and money). “Left wing patriot.” Oxymoron.

  10. whitet3260 commented on Doonesbury 11 days ago

    Ooooooh… poor babies! Hurt dere liddle feewings? Oh nol.,.. we can’t do that! Make them think? Oh no… we can’t do dat! Draft them into military service. That’ll knock the baby out of them. Girls too.