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  1. Ather commented on The Meaning of Lila about 15 hours ago

    She’s not really thin. She’s just drawn that way.

  2. Ather commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not about 15 hours ago

    I wonder if it’s because Rob’s teacher refused to recognize Missouri.

  3. Ather commented on Raising Duncan about 15 hours ago

    Why bother? Just tell them they’ll know him when they see his golf outfit.

  4. Ather commented on Motley Classics about 16 hours ago

    Sos witch it up. Next time, one scratch and two slashes.

  5. Ather commented on Just Say Uncle about 16 hours ago

    Combo of too much dry weather and grass/hay/etc.

  6. Ather commented on Baldo about 16 hours ago

    Aw, the odds are not forever in her favor

  7. Ather commented on Zack Hill 1 day ago

    I took Home Ec. never learend nay of that. we cooked, we sewed.

  8. Ather commented on Wyatt 1 day ago

    Of course. She should have sold them

  9. Ather commented on Wizard of Id Classics 1 day ago

    if it was good enough for the King

  10. Ather commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 1 day ago

    Because that’s not how evolution works.