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  1. A_Dream4u commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not about 21 hours ago

    The flashes of light i usually see are the cop cars behind me..

  2. A_Dream4u commented on Wizard of Id about 21 hours ago

    Rodney: What do you feed them?
    Wiz: Mostly BS and crap..
    Rodney: So they eat politicians mostly?
    Wiz: Precisely!

  3. A_Dream4u commented on Too Much Coffee Man about 21 hours ago

    How about their heads on a pike?

  4. A_Dream4u commented on The Buckets 5 days ago

    And you will cal them boss!

  5. A_Dream4u commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 5 days ago

    Actually the standard issue tp in the field is khaki (sorta sand colored) Excellent to blend in with the diarrhea yellow brown of the Iragi desert. Just keep it away from the exhaust when that turbine is on boys..

  6. A_Dream4u commented on Wizard of Id 5 days ago

    41 years ago my back made that same horrible noise, (I was 11!) It never made that noise again to this day and I never had a bad back, despite having a very physical working life.
    I just need new feet as I wore the old set out..

  7. A_Dream4u commented on Endtown 5 days ago

    Looks like Endtown is open for business. For all your post apocalyptic shopping needs!

  8. A_Dream4u commented on Rabbits Against Magic 6 days ago

    Dressed like Homer Simpson!

  9. A_Dream4u commented on Rip Haywire 6 days ago

    Is she telling that old campfire story “The walking coffin”?

  10. A_Dream4u commented on Heathcliff 8 days ago

    Wordsworth is missing!