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  1. A_Dream4u commented on La Cucaracha 1 day ago

    Those whiny bigots who claimed that student with a very bright future was stealing their “spot”.
    I did not know Yale offered courses in burger flipping and fryer operation.

  2. A_Dream4u commented on Smith 2 days ago

    Unfortunately the racist xenophobes won, similar to what may happen here in the Colonies come November.
    Is there any chance we could convince Scotland to keep Mr. Stump in a dungeon till after the elections here?
    One more miserable loudmouthed sot won’t make a difference there.

  3. A_Dream4u commented on Ten Cats 3 days ago

    This is why it is always better to be a free spirit than somebody’s dog..

  4. A_Dream4u commented on Smith 4 days ago

    In the old days we put our idiots in institutions, now we let them run them..

  5. A_Dream4u commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 5 days ago

    How 21st century baby chicks do it:
    ROFC (rolling on the farm clucking)
    #coming out of my shell mom lol JK

  6. A_Dream4u commented on Endtown 6 days ago

    This may not be the entrance to Endtown, it could be like Albion West or one of the many other early communities before Endtown.
    Any secret organization or counter intelligence group will set up safe houses or way-stations to protect a place like Endtown. It is far safer and smarter to pre-screen your residents before one gets a chance to mess up your main operation.

  7. A_Dream4u commented on B.C. 9 days ago

    A Trumpasaurus spits brown..

  8. A_Dream4u commented on Non Sequitur 12 days ago

    Q: Whats big, white and sleeps 435?
    A: The House of Representatives!

  9. A_Dream4u commented on La Cucaracha 12 days ago

    I just do not believe there is any winning against Stump, just losing and compromise. I cannot imagine a judge of ANY race would be getting the same derogatory treatment.
    Here is a handy guide:
    White = wrong kind of white
    Black = Obama Supporter
    French = French
    Canadian = see French
    Elderly = Dementia (not a race, I know)
    Italian = immigrant ancestors legal status, Mafia
    Jewish = Out to get him for cheating so many bankers, liberal media owners.
    Polish = Stupid, or Communist
    Irish = Drunk
    English = Holding a grudge against his German ancestry for WWII.
    Just scratching the surface. As a Jew, I think there’s just something just off about the man besides being a self aggrandizing pompous bully obviously overcompensating for certain physical and mental shortcomings.

  10. A_Dream4u commented on Perry Bible Fellowship 13 days ago

    8 Bit humor!