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  1. QuietStorm27 commented on Cathy 2 days ago

    This one is just sad!..Hello and happy Thursday Cathy friends! You’re very welcome Mom! Very nice message to Aaron and Dr. Billy. I joined Cathy’s Corner not long before they left but I was here early enough to witness how wonderful they both are. I hope they come back too. Soon.

  2. QuietStorm27 commented on Boomerangs 2 days ago

    Also “wow” and “love.”

  3. QuietStorm27 commented on Big Nate 2 days ago

    That’s Ms. Streep to you! :-)

  4. QuietStorm27 commented on Beardo 2 days ago


  5. QuietStorm27 commented on Cathy 3 days ago

    I also agree that children and pets need clear boundaries, anything else leads to chaos.

    Happy anniversary frightenup and lindz.coop!

    Hello to the rest of my Cathy friends! I miss you all! I miss your pictures and cards too Mom, but you made them really special!

  6. QuietStorm27 commented on Lola 4 days ago

    Nope not cool at all Ray. That kid from yesterday looks a lot like Ray…maybe there was a mix-up at the hospital.

  7. QuietStorm27 commented on Baldo 5 days ago

    He should get in trouble at home too for sticking a dirty finger in the food.

  8. QuietStorm27 commented on Adam@Home 6 days ago

    I’m thinking that this one isn’t connected to that storyline.

  9. QuietStorm27 commented on Ben 7 days ago

    He’s probably talking about his grandpa being tall. My kids think the uncle who raised me is a giant.

  10. QuietStorm27 commented on Adult Children 8 days ago

    I read a lot too when I have time. Lately it’s just a few comics at a time then back to work.