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  1. Archimedes commented on Jim Morin 19 days ago

    You do understand that the United States is a member of NATO. And the United Nations, though that is pretty meaningless. So if it is NATO’s job that means it IS our job.

  2. Archimedes commented on Ted Rall 25 days ago

    Well as if it was not an insipid enough cartoon, apparently Mr. Rall is unaware that linebackers do not get tackled they tackle others, hence a linebacker would not need to be immune from being tackled nor would he want to be “immune” to tackling others. The line backers would not want “magic God rays” to keep others away.


  3. Archimedes commented on Minimum Security about 1 month ago

    Finally, clearly the ability to understand the emotions of others is important to making logical decisions of your own. Thus the ability to empathise—an ability missing in some neurological conditions—is important in logically assessing your fellow man. This ability to understand you fellow is as you state vital to co-existing in society and may well be evolutionary in nature. But it does not preclude the ability to logical understand these emotions, after all in many ways Damasio is doing just that, and then using that understanding to color one’s own logical response to a situation.


  4. Archimedes commented on Minimum Security about 1 month ago

    I think the most telling aspect of the Damasio work as I do a quick review of it is the aspect that emotions are part of even logical reasoning. And I see no problem with the idea. Much in the same way the involuntary nerve reactions exist within the purely physical nervous system. That parasympathetic nervous system exists even if we try to overcome it. We cannot stop ourselves from breathing, our heart from beating, stop blinking etc…… Likewise these “basic” emotions you and Damasio speak of are there no matter how much some would like to believe otherwise. However I would carry the analogy a bit if you do not mind. Yogis can and do control their parasympathic nervous system to a degree greater than the average person. Likewise an individual committed to logical reasoning can control to a great extent his “parasympathic” emotional system. I would also point out that the Stoics do not believe in the oppression of all emotional reaction and emotional motivation, solely the repression of destructive emotional responses which overcome reason, particularly in the area of living in harmony with nature, and in emotional responses deriving from any aspects of life over which the individual has no control.


  5. Archimedes commented on Minimum Security about 1 month ago

    sorry ratiocination, typed too fast.

  6. Archimedes commented on Minimum Security about 1 month ago

    continuing,from a few days ago. While I agree that emotions are first and more animalistic and instinctual that does not mean they are an overriding factor in behavior, and particularly it does not mean they color a more deliberate logical approach. Assuming a degree of self realization, and the ability to assess and constructively evaluate one’s motives, thoughts, and racionation can remove emotion from logic.

  7. Archimedes commented on Minimum Security about 1 month ago

    I disagree with your assertion that our reason is driven by emotion. I follow a stoic philosophy which promotes reason over emotion, particularly destructive emotion. It promotes living in harmony with nature as well as being self aware of what actions a person can and cannot take to affect their personal environment. But approaching one’s actions with a logical reasoned approach is key.

  8. Archimedes commented on Minimum Security 2 months ago

    Well then elucidate. If it is as simple as “each people get the government they deserve.” I have less of a disagreement. though it would be more accurate to say at a time of change each people get the government they deserve.


  9. Archimedes commented on Minimum Security 2 months ago

    “none of these systems are better or worse than another”???? Seriously? Time to bow out sir, that must be the silliest, most banal comment I have seen on this site yet. Even our esteemed artist would not agree with that inanity. While the statement that each system may be needed at the time for that people, to state that they have equal moral basis or standing is ridiculous. To state that Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge’s system was equal to that of the USA, Sweden, or Great Britain is palpably sickening.


  10. Archimedes commented on Rob Rogers 2 months ago

    try a little research there are 25 oil refineries in Canada. But don’t let the facts get in the way of a good rant