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  1. Norman Baron GoComics Pro Member commented on Minimum Security 2 days ago

    Lookee here fish, it looks like you are trying to breathe out of water. You can have all of the Proletarian discipline and resolve that you want but it ain’t gonna happen without slipping a couple million years worth of evolution into the mix. I suppose that could be about the time it will take for all of the socialistic/communistic changes to take place so that we have the ideal society. However, for such a miracle to take place will probably require more than a couple of million years assuming, of course, that we don’t blow our selves to bits during those many millennia. Doesn’t look too promising, but then rampant idealism seldom does.

  2. Norman Baron GoComics Pro Member commented on Minimum Security 8 days ago

    @Nithg-Gaunt49. I think that you are right and I think that the Federal Reserve is a large part of the problem. I don’t know how many people know that the Fed is not part of the government. It is a group of bankers who get together and set interest rates, money transfers, loan terms, who can borrow what, etc. In the past, prior to the current Federal Reserve, which is essentially an Uber bank, we had two other federal banks that both failed. We got the current Fed when JP Morgan and his friends, around the turn of the last century, and some of his buddies got together and decided they wanted another central bank. So they manufactured a crisis that made the vox populi cry out for a powerful central bank and Viola! the Federal Reserve was born. I am far from a financier but it seems to me if we turn the rascals out things would be better for us little guys.

  3. Norman Baron GoComics Pro Member commented on Minimum Security 8 days ago

    This is all well and good but what if you don’t like carrots? It seems like somewhere back during the great depression, when communism was being seriously talked about, someone was waxing eloquent on the its joys and said, “Come the revolutions we will all eat strawberries.” When someone in the audience said, “But I don’t like strawberries.” Fearless leader’s response was, “Come the revolutions you will eat strawberries.”

  4. Norman Baron GoComics Pro Member commented on Minimum Security 16 days ago

    OK, now lookee here one eyed rabbit, suppose you get your “victory of the revolution.” If you are the only one doing the revolting which, by the absence of the masses, seems to be the case, then you go your merry way doing as you please. But most revolutions have several people in them. So you are victorious but it didn’t come out quite the way you thought it would (never does). Then some of those who think a little like you do start another revolution that has an outcome that you like better. However, as soon as the smoke clears somebody in your group doesn’t like how things turned out and starts another revolution, and on, and on, and on. Just remember the first six letters of revolution and revolting are the same.

  5. Norman Baron GoComics Pro Member commented on Minimum Security 24 days ago

    Greetings tongzhi Stephanie. We here in the People’s Republic of China are glad that you love us. To show our gratitude we will sell you some genuine imitation items of your choice. We have some Rouis Vitton purses that we will let go to your war mongering country for only twice the cost of the originals. When we take over your pathetic, weak, broke, decadent country we will let you decide who goes before the firing squad first. Just be careful that you do not begin to sound too much like an intellectual or it might be you. If you have another guy like Snowden in the wings send him to us and not the Russians. They have become capitalist pigs just like you Americans and are no longer comrades. We are watching you Stephanie and so far we like what we see. Viva the revolution! Keep up the good work. Xiexie. Tongzhi Wo Nu Shu, Supreme Director of Corrective Foot Wear

  6. Norman Baron GoComics Pro Member commented on Minimum Security 25 days ago

    The peaceful revolution is about the only viable kind since the police and the military have all sorts of weapons, helicopters, drones, etc. With a violent revolution, although infinitely more fun, we would be dead before we knew it. An Iraqui style revolution wouldn’t get very far. Of course, the third world approach might work – blatant bribery but it is expensive and tricky to do in this country.

  7. Norman Baron GoComics Pro Member commented on Minimum Security 28 days ago

    The wealthy and the few don’t have as much power as they used to have. The main method of their gathering wealth is to make stuff and have people buy it. However, if the people who usually buy there stuff can get it from Lower Slobovia cheaper then the big cheeses can’t sell there stuff. Especially since American made goods are usually significantly more expensive than those made in Lower Slobovia. Of course, if the big guys come a cropper, turn turtle and go under the workers don’t have jobs. The popular solution would be to have the government run the whole thing. Trouble is that most things that the government tries to run they screw up and the economy still turns turtle. However, if….. this is making my head hurt. To hell with it.

  8. Norman Baron GoComics Pro Member commented on Minimum Security 29 days ago

    Hey come on Steph, Isaac Newton said this first, although slightly differently. “I see far because I stand on the shoulders of giants.” I sense you are getting close to the bottom of the barrel. The pages have all fallen out of the Communist Manifesto and Mao’s Red Book. The socialism part of this is stuffed away in weighty tomes that boor everyone to stone, including the author(s). Time to pack it off and let Bunnista and Victoria form a demolition company that specializes in blowing up old buildings. If some of the capitalists annoy you too much they can “accidentally” blow up their building and apologize profusely afterwards. Beats the hell out of paraphrasing stuff that has been around long enough to gather moss and have the angry turtle join the angry bird to trot it out to an unsuspecting world.

  9. Norman Baron GoComics Pro Member commented on Minimum Security about 1 month ago

    This cartoon is rather confusing. By “some degree of political unity” is it meant that they no longer shoot at each other except during the day? Or more or less agree on not bushwhacking each other? Also, even though three bugs flying around with a flower is, I guess, common work it doesn’t seem to have much point to it. Sort of like in the distant past when it was decided to try to reduce the number of people on welfare by getting them jobs. That didn’t work out too well because the menial jobs that most of us start out with were boring and didn’t pay well, such that most of them quit after one or two days, or sometimes hours. So the cry went forth to give them “meaningful work.” Examples of this being: senior executive of a major corporation, airline pilot, head of a government agency, etc. Unfortunately, a goodly number of those intended to benefit from this program had no work ethic and so little education that they couldn’t read without moving their lips. That one sank like the Titanic. What does the “common work” pictured here signify? About all that I can think of that fits is that there is one less flower in the neighbor’s garden. I kind of like the bug in the middle though, it reminds me of my English teacher.

  10. Norman Baron GoComics Pro Member commented on Minimum Security about 1 month ago

    Sorry about the above post. I forgot to put in the period. So here it is. “.” Thanks for understanding.