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  1. Norman Baron GoComics Pro Member commented on The Worried Well about 14 hours ago

    Uncaring louts. While they ae shuffling along in their state of existential nihilism they are getting a stellar amount of old chewing gum on their shoes. Serves them right.

  2. Norman Baron GoComics Pro Member commented on Minimum Security 10 days ago

    @ Doh,
    Why didn’t you tell us earlier about an alternative. I already mailed in my vote for Donald Duck.

  3. Norman Baron GoComics Pro Member commented on The Worried Well 10 days ago

    Not only does this comic have its funny bits but it is also the purveyor or information about the opposite sex. It took me years to figure out why women are nutted up about shoes and purses, perhaps more than clothes. Via extensive research and skulking about I had the epiphany that it is because if a lady’s weight goes up or down by a significant amount a new set of clothes is required. Whereas with shoes and most especially purses a weight change can get rather drastic and nothing much changes, making them items of some permanence. As to bras, even though they must, at times, seem like a damn nuisance they do serve a useful purpose. There are strands of fibrous tissue in the breast that go from the chest wall to the skin and give the breast shape and support called Cooper’s ligaments after a well known 19th century lecher who later became an anatomist to keep out of jail and to avoid being pummeled senseless by umbrella wielding women at the tram stops.

    As useful as they are the ligaments will, with age and gravity, eventually stretch so that the breasts begin a southern migration. Bras give a modicum of support to slow and or prevent this travesty. So, rather than a beauty aid, bras can be thought of as a medical device that treats a condition that, if neglected, could end civilization as we know it. However, it is unlikely that your health insurance will pick up the tab, Ignorant bastards that they are.

    Thanks for another good and educational strip.

  4. Norman Baron GoComics Pro Member commented on Minimum Security 13 days ago

    Ok, I admit it, I’m flumoxed by today’s missive. What is on the floor? A puddle with rocks in it? A pizza gone horribly wrong? An alien presence? What is she holding? A drawing of an elevator key pad? An abstract of a domino? A design resulting from head trauma? Makes no sense, is it supposed to? We know that you want solidarity with the Rouskies but lay of the vodka, it will rust your pipes. The hell with it.

  5. Norman Baron GoComics Pro Member commented on Minimum Security 16 days ago

    This is all quite simple really, just elect Trump as president. He is all in a sweat to use nukes, so let him. A lot of these problems will then go away, especially since he is not the brightest porch light on the block and would more than likely end up nuking himself. Problem solved.

  6. Norman Baron GoComics Pro Member commented on The Worried Well 17 days ago

    Great drawing! The only problem is that the desk is too neat and organized. I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler but do a bit of writing which causes enormous piles of paper, books, napkins, etc. The Department of Health made me post a warning against having small children or the elderly get too close to the piles in case they shift and kill someone.

    I believe you mentioned “worried well.” Just to be clear “worried well” isn’t only a psychiatric diagnosis but also applies to people who want everyone to think that they are ill but are not really sick at all. Surgeons often refer to them as the “walking wounded and worried well.” All medical conditions are coded in a giganormous book, "ICD-10, the main purpose of which is to allow the government and the insurance companies to cheat doctors, hospitals and the little old lady who sells breath mints. I don’t have a copy anymore but the info is available on line.

    I think that your stuff is great and am a fan. If you feel a bit down and need motivation just remember the words of Admiral Farragut at the Battle of Mobile Bay when is second in command said, “There are torpedoes in the water.” His reply was, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.” I think that would help during an episode of “cartoonist block” which is not a condition described in ICD-10, so sorry, no disability is possible.

    Best regards,
    Norman Baron, MD, FACS

  7. Norman Baron GoComics Pro Member commented on Minimum Security 19 days ago

    Come now, hasn’t everyone fantasized about offing the loud mouth idiot called the boss? it is particularly useful in assembly line work.

  8. Norman Baron GoComics Pro Member commented on Lunarbaboon 20 days ago

    Cartoonists should not be left alone for prolonged periods of time.

  9. Norman Baron GoComics Pro Member commented on Minimum Security 20 days ago

    This is an easy one. The worker knees the boss in the huevos rancheros, takes the knife, kills the boss, stuffs him in the packing crate and sends the crate to Davao. He gets rid of the boss, no one is the wiser, he has a great weekend and come Monday morning there is a new boss who has the uneasy feeling that he should leave this particular employee alone.

  10. Norman Baron GoComics Pro Member commented on Minimum Security 21 days ago

    Yes, being a “worker” is quite challenging. First of all because since there are so few of them finding one to use as a role model is damn difficult, but it isn’t really relevant to do so since the USA is basically a welfare state where you can work you want but little will come of it. By the time union dues, taxes of every imaginable sort, fees for everything except breathing, etc. are paid there is very little to show for an honest day’s work. Much easier and more profitable to get disability for a hemorrhaging hang nail, unemployment because of said hang nail and welfare on general principles. As far as the cartoon goes I can’t tell if the critter on this fellows rather long neck is a vampire or a mosquito that was involved in some research project that went horribly wrong. It reminds me of the Simon and Garfunkel song where there is a lyric, “listen to the candidates debate, laugh about it , cry about it, any way you choose. Any way you look at it you lose.”