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  1. Adam Sherlock commented on Lisa Benson 2 months ago

    What is the difference between a terrorist & freedom fighter?

    Who wins!

    Benedict Arnold. Traitor / Patriot? He was British, and although switched sides a few times, died supporting Britain.

    George Washington was British and rebelled against his country.

    It is all about point of view!

  2. Adam Sherlock commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 2 months ago

    Hazel Grace date & time only works if you use the Month Day Year Convention. Europe (inc the UK) uses the Day Month Year convention!

  3. Adam Sherlock commented on Rob Rogers 3 months ago

    The Quran speaks about not killing those of the “book” specifically the Christians & Jews. The unbelievers mentioned were the paganists.

    As with a lot of things it is about context & interpretation.

    As with all things – extremism is never good, no matter what the core subject is!

  4. Adam Sherlock commented on Rose is Rose 4 months ago

    Is there a difference?

  5. Adam Sherlock commented on Ozy and Millie 5 months ago

    Come to the dark side – they have cookies!

  6. Adam Sherlock commented on Over the Hedge 7 months ago

    Something was similar heard at a Parents Evening at a Primary School in Brentwood, Essex, UK.
    “Our little Johnny is always &!$ swearing. He doesn't @$%^& get it from us, so it must come from your @$!^&# school!”

  7. Adam Sherlock commented on Kevin Kallaugher 7 months ago

    Of course is arming the Afghani’s during the Soviet invasion also President Obama’s fault?

  8. Adam Sherlock commented on Working Daze 7 months ago

    Hey, no sleeping during the game, you’re not Ed!

  9. Adam Sherlock commented on Jim Morin 7 months ago

    If only the English spent the Scots money – the money flows North.
    This way they can afford free university education (unless you are English), class sizes with a maximum of 15 (England usually has a class size of 30+)

    The Scots think it will be the easy life free of England – wrong. No quick entry into the EU plus they will need to pay for Education, healthcare themselves!

    Both countries will be the poorer for the split.

  10. Adam Sherlock commented on Working Daze 8 months ago

    They are all the same!

    Level of awsome! :D