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  1. Adam Sherlock commented on Joe Heller 14 days ago

    If only that were true.

    The tunnels take out terrorist, (murder & kidnap squads.) – Large percentage are all pointing into Israel.

    The majority of the aid comes through Israel. If Hamas did not use Ambulances, prams etc to smuggle weapons & bombs into Israel then the need for draconian measures isn’t needed – and should not be used.

    Fact: Palestinian girl’s life was saved by Israeli doctors, only for her mother to say she hopes her daughter will become a suicide bomber. Obviously reasonable for the Palestinian apologists!

  2. Adam Sherlock commented on Matt Bors 15 days ago

    I condemn that Hamas uses civilians as a shield!

    With the concrete that Hamas used to build their tunnels – which was used to kill, kidnap or create terror in Israel – you could have build 7 buildings of a similar size of the tallest buildings.

    Just remember America went to war after two buildings were destroyed by two attacks. Thousands of rockets have been fired into Israel, how would America react? Each of the rockets is designed to kill civilians – Hamas does not care where it lands.

    Israel is not totally innocent, but we must not forget that Hamas has its hands black with the blood of its own civilians!

  3. Adam Sherlock commented on Robert Ariail 16 days ago

    Of course, the Hamas command centre under a hospital is OK?

    The command centre which was originally built as a safe operating centre by the Israelis?

  4. Adam Sherlock commented on Zachary Nixon Johnson 20 days ago

    Sorry to hear – I have reading it from day 1 & enjoyed it.
    Good luck in your next undertaking!

  5. Adam Sherlock commented on Matt Wuerker 29 days ago

    As The Gaza Strip has a border with Egypt, you have to ask yourself why is that border closed?

    It is a fact that Hamas uses Ambulances to transport “militants” aka terrorists, and weapons. It is also a fact that Hamas uses UN schools to store Weapons.

    If Hamas has such a problem with the blockade (when most of the aid goes through Israel) why is it the tunnels into Israel are concrete lined? Why not use the concrete for peaceful purposes, instead of perpetuating the war. When Gaza was handed back there were homes, greenhouses & an infrastructure, what happened? Hamas destroyed them, and blamed Israel.

    Israel also has its hands dirty (destroying the homes of terrorists for example) but in this conflict they are restrained.

    Hamas uses human shields, and then cries when there are innocent victims…

  6. Adam Sherlock commented on Matt Wuerker about 1 month ago

    Ask yourself this,
    What happens when one stops rhe violence and the other doesn’t?
    Which one is bent on the destruction of the other?

  7. Adam Sherlock commented on Ted Rall about 1 month ago

    Interesting: The true story is
    Israel invests in weapons to protect its civilians
    Hamas invests its civilians to protect its weapons!

    Israel is trying to limit the civilian casualties, while Hamas does not appear to care. They fire their weapons from school yards, playgrounds. Why in the knowledge they might prevent a retalitory strike, or gain more innocent victims.

    The true causes of why the victims should be mentioned, not just the Israel is bad campagain. Where Israel is wrong then hold them accountable, but Hamas has a large part of the blame!

  8. Adam Sherlock commented on Ted Rall about 1 month ago

    I wonder why? When you are surrounded by countries that refuse to recognise that you exist, or even the right to exist. and want all of your people dead – where are you going to invest?

    Remember Israel invests in weapons to protect its people, Hamas invests its people to protect the weapons.

  9. Adam Sherlock commented on Signe Wilkinson about 1 month ago

    There are only certain justifiable reasons to go to war.
    1) Protect your own country from invasion – not so in the any of the Middle East involvements.
    2) Help defend a weaker country from a stronger more aggressive attacker. – This was the case for Kuwait, but not for Iraq, Afghanistan etc etc.

    That is it.

    Anything else we become the invading country, and it is virtually certain that an invader eventually loses. We did not “win” Afghanistan, Iraq. Unless they want you there we have no business to be there.

    We (The West) went to war on false pretences – it was all about being seen to do something, rather than doing something right!

  10. Adam Sherlock commented on Lisa Benson about 1 month ago

    No significant damage? What about the children in hospitals that have to be evacuated, because of an incoming rocket?

    Also why is it Hamas send its rockets from civilian areas? Is it for the protection of its population? No – it is so when one life is lost because Hamas put them in the way, Hamas can scream that the Israelis are commiting war crimes!

    Is Israel innocent, not completely, but they are no way as bad as the media portrays them to be.