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  1. IAMBUDD commented on Birdbrains about 8 years ago

    Did they have baseball caps in the “Garden of Eden”??

  2. IAMBUDD commented on The Argyle Sweater about 8 years ago

    runar……What’s your state????

  3. IAMBUDD commented on 9 to 5 about 8 years ago

    I agree with Char32 and circuit7… Lighten up!!! Enjoy the punchlines!!

  4. IAMBUDD commented on Loose Parts about 8 years ago

    It’s an alien conspiracy !!

    It’s another Area 51 !!!

  5. IAMBUDD commented on The Dinette Set about 8 years ago

    Is that Bigfoot in the cage behind them ??

  6. IAMBUDD commented on Speed Bump about 8 years ago

    Watch it !!!

  7. IAMBUDD commented on Red and Rover about 8 years ago

    He should write to Mary-Ann from Gilligan”s Island. She was great in every episode !!!

  8. IAMBUDD commented on The Norm Classics about 8 years ago

    I agree with both comments from Kaero and JPuzzleWhiz. To Dale Hopson…..All your comments seem politically-based. You should channel your political energy in a Political Forum, not a comic strip website !!

  9. IAMBUDD commented on Non Sequitur about 8 years ago

    To CoronellaKeiper…….. Ducks could say the same thing about people !!

  10. IAMBUDD commented on Bottomliners about 8 years ago

    To Dale Hopson….. Are you obsessed with knocking McCain??