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  1. Reynard61 commented on Meg Classics about 1 hour ago

    Meg and Petey Otterloop, Jr., should do a duet together.

  2. Reynard61 commented on Breaking Cat News 3 days ago

    Go ahead and eat up, Elvis! After all; unlike most other food, butterflies are free…

  3. Reynard61 commented on Cul de Sac 5 days ago

    Doesn’t take much to amaze and excite Beni and Dill, does it?

  4. Reynard61 commented on Steve Benson 5 days ago

    Can you please tell us where you’re getting these numbers?

  5. Reynard61 commented on Imagine This 6 days ago

    “I’ve got it! ‘Die Hard’! In an office building!” — apocryphal suggestion for a new movie at a production meeting when “Die Hard on a _____” ideas were popular.

  6. Reynard61 commented on Phil Hands 6 days ago

    I guess that I may have misunderstood your statement. I thought that you were advocating for the dissolution of the two political parties in favor of letting the States (either in the form of the Governors or their legislatures) (s)electing our President, with little or no input from We, The People. (I realize that our current two-Party system is currently horribly broken, but it’s better than a neo-feudal alternative.)

    Apologies if this is the case.

  7. Reynard61 commented on Phil Hands 7 days ago

  8. Reynard61 commented on Phil Hands 7 days ago

    (Since GoComics won’t let me reply directly.) kernelcorny said: “Our best solution is to liquidate the liability that is the Democrat-Republican abomination through states’ rights.”

    Speaking of “liquidate”, does “states’ rights” include the right of a Governor to appoint what are basically neo-feudal lords who are allowed to disconnect a city from their supply of clean water; re-connect them to a supply of dirty, corrosive water that introduces lead into the system, poisoning that city’s residents; and then tell those residents that the water is okay to drink? (Even as he’s supplying the State workers in that city with clean water.)

  9. Reynard61 commented on Ozy and Millie 9 days ago

    I’ve gotta ask: Has there ever been an instance (or several) where a school took money raised by the band, for the band, and gave it to the Sports team(s)? It just sounds like something that a heavily sports-oriented school would do.

  10. Reynard61 commented on Ozy and Millie 10 days ago

    I’ll give Felicia this much: At least she’s honest when it comes to her relationships.