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  1. Reynard61 commented on Cul de Sac about 7 hours ago

    Ugh, reminds me of the time that I got stung by two wasps while I was using the swing-set at my cousin’s house when they still lived in Zanesville, OH. (It was late Spring — late May or early June, 1965 — since they moved to New York in August or September of that year.) Hurt like h*ll, and it took me years to get over my fear of them.

  2. Reynard61 commented on Non Sequitur about 7 hours ago

    Wonder where he’s buried now?

  3. Reynard61 commented on Nick Anderson 1 day ago

    “Even if you are a suspected terrorist, we can never take away your right to buy a gun without due process…”

    “We should never take away a Constitutional right just to satisfy the concerns of a political constituency…”

    Fine, then when are we going to bring all those detainees over from Guantanamo Bay and give them their Constitutionally mandated fair and speedy trials so that they can be found “not guilty” and go out and buy all the guns that they desire?

  4. Reynard61 commented on Cul de Sac 2 days ago

    I’m sure that he’d prefer the word “opaque”…

  5. Reynard61 commented on Nick Anderson 3 days ago

  6. Reynard61 commented on Ozy and Millie 3 days ago

    “(…W)ho really needs to see any more of that?”

    I do!

  7. Reynard61 commented on Reality Check 4 days ago

    If I always thought “inside the box”, I’d never get any model kits built…

  8. Reynard61 commented on Bloom County 2015 4 days ago

    Thanks. Spread it around.

  9. Reynard61 commented on Breaking Cat News 4 days ago

    Thanks! (It doesn’t hurt that I have a lot of Pop Culture rattling around in my noggin — except if I shake it around too hard…)

  10. Reynard61 commented on My Cage: New and Old 4 days ago