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  1. Reynard61 commented on Cleats 5 days ago

    “Quit cheatin’!”

    “Quit winnin’.”

  2. Reynard61 commented on Non Sequitur 8 days ago

    My liver is suddenly hiding in a corner in the fetal position. Thanks a lot, Bruno…

  3. Reynard61 commented on Ordinary Bill 9 days ago

    A stinging rebuke!

  4. Reynard61 commented on My Cage Classics 9 days ago

    Pretty sure the feeling is mutual, Norm…

  5. Reynard61 commented on Red and Rover 10 days ago

    Walter Cronkite died in 2009. (Wikipedia. It’s there. Use it.)

  6. Reynard61 commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 10 days ago

    Hey! I re…semble that remark, actually…

  7. Reynard61 commented on Origins of the Sunday Comics 11 days ago

    IIRC from my school Science classes, the expended particulates from the shells (especially from explosives containing silver iodide) draw water vapor out of the atmosphere and condense it into clouds; which then cause the rain. (Silver iodide on it’s own is also used to “seed” rain clouds.)

  8. Reynard61 commented on Non Sequitur 11 days ago

    The GoComics comments were acting up yesterday too. I have the sneaking suspicion that someone was “fixing” something what weren’t broken. (i.e. “Upgrading” the site.)

  9. Reynard61 commented on Scott Stantis 11 days ago

    Someone once told me that “Sports builds character.” As far as I can tell, the only thing that it builds these days is Megastadiums that only rich people can afford to get into and the bank accounts of the ultra-rich who profit from the efforts of others.

  10. Reynard61 commented on Emmy Lou 12 days ago

    Are they…Square Dancing???