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Endtown by Aaron Neathery


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  1. TheSkulker commented on Endtown 7 days ago

    They are right where he left them in the previous strip: outside the circle in the direction of his feet. Look at panel two, lower left.

  2. TheSkulker commented on Candorville 8 days ago

    Yes, Clyde has been doing some deep talking these past couple of weeks.

    As was said some 50 years ago:

    “When will they ever learn?”

  3. TheSkulker commented on Stone Soup Classics 9 days ago

    So,commando or just underwear?

  4. TheSkulker commented on Candorville 9 days ago

    Right. And by your logic, I suppose that because we didn’t get 10 minutes of video and sound in Chicago, the code-of-silence coverup by 10-20 fellow officers that was exposed by the video that we did get just didn’t happen or doesn’t count.

  5. TheSkulker commented on B.C. 12 days ago

    Shouldn’t that be 20 clams ???

  6. TheSkulker commented on Back to B.C. 12 days ago

    When you make a suggestion and everybody follows – you are a leader.

    Short stint, however.

  7. TheSkulker commented on Wizard of Id 12 days ago

    No, you’re not alone. Not only have I never watched it, I don’t even bother with TV.

  8. TheSkulker commented on Calvin and Hobbes 12 days ago

    Big Nate isn’t really bad – but comparing it to Calvin & Hobbes is like equating Tiny Tim & Phil Ochs……
    Or a Renoir to an XKCD strip!

  9. TheSkulker commented on Calvin and Hobbes 12 days ago

    Anyone else agree with the coloring thing?

    Absolutely not! It is arrogant to think that one can just willy nilly change an artist’s work without his permission and endorsement.

    Most B&W art was specifically designed and drawn to be B&W, NOT color. It could even be considered an insult to the artist to even suggest bespoiling their work with color.

  10. TheSkulker commented on Stone Soup Classics 18 days ago

    Cliff hangers for Stone Soup???