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Working Daze

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  1. Ahnk_2000 commented on F Minus 11 days ago

    Or as I overheard a kid say once, “My mom’s on a diet. She doesn’t buy food anymore, now she just buys ingredients.”

  2. Ahnk_2000 commented on PreTeena 14 days ago

    Why does Stick sleep with 1960’s curlers in her hair?

  3. Ahnk_2000 commented on Working Daze 25 days ago

    Looks like the water bottle is an inherited trait.

  4. Ahnk_2000 commented on Rudy Park about 1 month ago

    Too late, the vote is in. Scotland remains in the UK.

  5. Ahnk_2000 commented on Lisa Benson about 1 month ago

    Back in the 1980s, when the auto companies first tanked and everyone was leaving for the oil boom in Texas (that later busted), there was a similar bumper sticker that said “Would the last person out of Michigan please turn off the lights?”

  6. Ahnk_2000 commented on Barkeater Lake 2 months ago

    Gabe blew it – had a good thing going with D.

  7. Ahnk_2000 commented on Over the Hedge 3 months ago

    Great balls of fire!

  8. Ahnk_2000 commented on Barkeater Lake 3 months ago

    Looks that way. I never would have pegged Delores for the aggressive biter-type.

  9. Ahnk_2000 commented on Calvin and Hobbes 3 months ago

    Something I learned recently: T-Rex roamed the Earth about 66 to 67 million years ago, and the Stegosaurus dates back a whopping 150 to 155 million years ago. So they weren’t around at the same time.

    This not only contradicts this strip, but also that really great dino fight in Fantasia. Sometimes knowing the facts is a bummer.

  10. Ahnk_2000 commented on The Humble Stumble 3 months ago

    The beginning of the end?