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  1. mshefler commented on Signe Wilkinson about 19 hours ago

    But not by much. It’s often referred to (correctly) as America’s largest full-time legislature (50 senators, 203 representatives). “Full-time” refers to the days it is in session, not to the actual amount of work done, of course. I mean, who would reasonably expect them to actually work?

  2. mshefler commented on B.C. about 19 hours ago

    There’s a 12-step program for cynics, but it doesn’t work.

  3. mshefler commented on Human Cull 2 days ago

    Cultivate a fierce expression and excessive facial hair and you can have the sidewalk to yourself.

  4. mshefler commented on WuMo 3 days ago

    Who needs evidence when the Word is Written.

  5. mshefler commented on Cul de Sac 3 days ago

    According to google-Ngram, it first appeared in 1955.

  6. mshefler commented on Clay Jones 4 days ago

    Well, that sounds counterproductive. If there aren’t enough seals to eat, the sharks are going to have to start on humans.

  7. mshefler commented on Daddy's Home 5 days ago

    A mass of protoplasm with a modicum of intelligence.

  8. mshefler commented on Jim Morin 5 days ago

    A perpetual state of war is good for the economy. Look what happened when we geared up for WW2. Also it keeps the population down. There you go — two benefits for the price of one!

  9. mshefler commented on B.C. 5 days ago

    How many of you remember drawing ovals in writing class? 2nd grade, I think it was.

  10. mshefler commented on Shoe 6 days ago

    An agnostic doubts. An atheist disbelieves.