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  1. mshefler commented on Daddy's Home about 5 hours ago

    If you’re going to be a crastinator, you might as well go pro.

  2. mshefler commented on Daddy's Home 2 days ago

    In poker, donk is slang for a mark or newbie.

  3. mshefler commented on Cul de Sac 5 days ago

    Anger is Alice’s inner self.

  4. mshefler commented on The Wandering Melon 8 days ago

    What’s in the red box the other guy is carrying? Maple syrup?

  5. mshefler commented on Brewster Rockit 8 days ago

    I remember reading a science fiction story long ago where the aliens language consisted of the single word “Mun”, spoken with various intonations and accents.

  6. mshefler commented on Glasbergen Cartoons 9 days ago

    The universe is sure getting its share this year.

  7. mshefler commented on Jeff Danziger 9 days ago

    Evidence? We don’t need no steenking evidence – Republicons.

  8. mshefler commented on Monty 9 days ago

    For non-mathematicians – A projective vector field (projective) is a smooth vector field on a semi Riemannian manifold (p.ex. spacetime) {\displaystyle M} M whose flow preserves the geodesic structure of {\displaystyle M} M without necessarily preserving the affine parameter of any geodesic.

  9. mshefler commented on Brewster Rockit 10 days ago

    The hallmarks of civilization.

  10. mshefler commented on Robert Ariail 11 days ago

    Out of his a**.