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  1. D Lee GoComics Pro Member commented on On A Claire Day about 22 hours ago

    When I graduated from high school in 1962. my husband and I bought a three bedroom two bath house and two pretty good cars within the next three years, and paid for them with a job that he got right out of high school. I didn’t work, few married women did, and those that did did so by choice. Now it isn’t a choice for most women, unless they don’t mind living in poverty.
    ………..Since that time, the productivity of the American worker has skyrocketed, and we are generally acknowledged to be the best in the world. And, we are producing goods that we can’t afford to buy…………………..
    ……….Most of the value that we are producing is going to the 1%, who use that money to buy politicians who make laws that insure that they keep making most of the money, which they can use to buy more politicians, who will write more laws so they can make more money to buy more politicians and etc etc etc.
    …………. If this is Democracy, somewhere the whole thing has gone seriously off the tracks.

  2. D Lee GoComics Pro Member commented on Tom Toles about 22 hours ago

    One person doesn’t create an environment in which the employees repeat whatever nonsense is agreed upon by the higher-ups, in support of a dubious agenda. This was just a part of a “vast right wing conspiracy” and the loss of one of the participants will have little effect.

  3. D Lee GoComics Pro Member commented on Matt Davies 3 days ago

    And, after 25 years of investigating, which cost millions of tax payer money, they still haven’t managed to actually start a fire.

  4. D Lee GoComics Pro Member commented on Jeff Stahler 4 days ago

    She doesn’t have to bounce back. After decades of time and millions of dollars wasted- tax payer dollars- they so far have never managed to knock her down.

  5. D Lee GoComics Pro Member commented on Jeff Danziger 5 days ago

    Because she is genuinely grieved and not especially interested in reality and the Republicans were classless enough to use her.

  6. D Lee GoComics Pro Member commented on Drew Sheneman 9 days ago

    I’m just worried that the whole country will be singing the same song in December.

  7. D Lee GoComics Pro Member commented on Jeff Danziger 9 days ago

    When Trump tells you that he has a very good brain and, even though there are people around him giving their opinions, he mostly listens to himself, BELIEVE HIM!!! No one with any political experience or savvy would have run the campaign he’s run. Was it PT Barnum who said " No one has ever gone broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people."

  8. D Lee GoComics Pro Member commented on Jack Ohman 10 days ago

    She apologizes for something she said? At least she didn’t blurt it out in the middle of the State of the Union address.

  9. D Lee GoComics Pro Member commented on Rob Rogers 10 days ago

    At the national level, you need to get out and vote for the TEAM that you are backing. If you want the team that will do the most for the Middle Class, instead of the 1%, then you need to vote in a Democratic senate, house and president who will appoint liberal leaning Supreme Court justices. Not voting for the team because you would have chosen a different quarterback moves us toward the wrong end zone

  10. D Lee GoComics Pro Member commented on Maintaining 10 days ago

    If you think that’s Halle’s beauty doesn’t have value, you haven’t checked her income tax return. OK, granted she can also act, but an ugly woman who could act just as well would be working in an office in Topeka.