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  1. SergeitheAntagonist commented on Prickly City 4 days ago

    We’ve always been at war with Eastasia again? Crap, now I have to change, err, reaffirm the war posters!

  2. SergeitheAntagonist commented on Poptropica about 1 month ago

    L. Frank Baum actually wrote Oz as a political novel. He was a populist, and meant the yellow brick road as a representation of the gold standard which led to false hope.

  3. SergeitheAntagonist commented on Lisa Benson about 1 month ago

    I do remember conservatives complaining, and quite a lot, when Bush went six years without a veto. The Republicans who ran Congress at the time were barely distinguishable from the Democrats, though, and yes, they did spend way too much. I complained then, when the debt was raised by 5 trillion in 8 years, and I’m complaining now, when the debt has gone up 8 trillion in 6.

  4. SergeitheAntagonist commented on Dude and Dude about 1 month ago

    So what happened to the van?

  5. SergeitheAntagonist commented on Gary Varvel 2 months ago

    Ol’ Creepy Crazy Uncle Joe’s at it again!

  6. SergeitheAntagonist commented on Prickly City 2 months ago

    Coyote on coyote violence. The scourge of the southwest.

  7. SergeitheAntagonist commented on Lisa Benson 2 months ago

    We can only hope…

  8. SergeitheAntagonist commented on Candorville 2 months ago

    Yes, the Koch brothers are spending an enormous amount of money, but so are the labor unions, even if it isn’t from due money. There’s also Tom Steyer, Soros, and plenty of other left-wing one-percenters who will more than make up for what the Kochs will spend. The more the merrier. Frankly, I think campaign spending should ALL be private money. Tax money should be reserved for things the country needs, not spent on sending more idiots to Washington.

  9. SergeitheAntagonist commented on Prickly City 3 months ago

    Pretty sure Michael Moore isn’t a Christian, either. Is there such a thing as a Communist religious war?

  10. SergeitheAntagonist commented on Scott Stantis 3 months ago

    I think it’s the fact that the Colts did handle it that got it pointed out to the officials. The officials don’t squeeze the ball, and would not notice if it was slightly deflated. A player squeezes it to hang on to it while carrying it, and would therefore be more likely to notice if the ball had less air than it should. The Colts would have very little opportunity to handle the Patriots game balls, because they would be using their own when they had possession. I think the league should just provide all of the game balls so as to keep this kind of cheating from being an option.