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  1. SergeitheAntagonist commented on Scott Stantis 4 days ago

    I think it’s the fact that the Colts did handle it that got it pointed out to the officials. The officials don’t squeeze the ball, and would not notice if it was slightly deflated. A player squeezes it to hang on to it while carrying it, and would therefore be more likely to notice if the ball had less air than it should. The Colts would have very little opportunity to handle the Patriots game balls, because they would be using their own when they had possession. I think the league should just provide all of the game balls so as to keep this kind of cheating from being an option.

  2. SergeitheAntagonist commented on Candorville 7 days ago

    Because the best person for the job’s always too smart to run.

  3. SergeitheAntagonist commented on Barney & Clyde 10 days ago

    I’d buy “Clyde” merchandise.

  4. SergeitheAntagonist commented on Kid Beowulf about 1 month ago

    Speaking of, who’s Grendel’s daddy?

  5. SergeitheAntagonist commented on Glenn McCoy 2 months ago

    Unfortunately that’s true. Almost every president has pushed and expanded the boundaries of executive power so that now we are dealing with an imperial presidency.

  6. SergeitheAntagonist commented on Non Sequitur 3 months ago

    Still using the “old white men” parody of the GOP? Don’t want to acknowledge the existence of Mia Love, Tim Scott, Joni Ernst, Susana Martinez and who knows how many more?

  7. SergeitheAntagonist commented on B.C. 4 months ago

    The Bible just says fruit, but my personal theory is that it was a pickle. Ever since then, we’ve been pickling other fruits trying to get back that taste.

  8. SergeitheAntagonist commented on The Martian Confederacy 4 months ago

    Are those tumbleweeds in the background?

  9. SergeitheAntagonist commented on Gary Varvel 4 months ago

    The “do nothing” Congress isn’t just about the Republicans. The House has passed quite a few bills dealing with the country’s business that the Harry Reid won’t allow on the floor of the Senate. And the House won’t vote on a lot of Senate bills. Partisan gridlock doesn’t just go one way. And neither does bipartisanship, which always seems to be defined as Republicans caving to whatever the Dems want.

  10. SergeitheAntagonist commented on Get Fuzzy 4 months ago

    Where exactly do they live? I had been under the impression they were in Boston, but then when Bucky found out he was from Mass., he was traumatized. I’ve been wondering ever since.