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  1. LDover commented on Luann 5 days ago

    Psychobabble is right.

  2. LDover commented on Luann Againn 6 days ago

    Delta copied?
    this was from back before Delta became perfect.

  3. LDover commented on Luann 6 days ago

    Pru is just right for Zebo.

  4. LDover commented on Tim Eagan 11 days ago

    A doctor friend of mine says that Carson looks to him like he is on heavy medication.
    Eye lids droop, speech is thick, mind labored.
    Maybe something for tension, anger, etc.
    He could prescribe it himself.

  5. LDover commented on Luann 11 days ago

    fathergod said,
    Pru is either old as in late 50’s or she’ll be Brad’s age and a knockout which could spell trouble for Brad and Toni if only for a few days worth. . . . . .
    Nothing here is :“a few days worth”.
    MOTTO has become:
    If in doubt . . . . . .
    . . . . . . . . . . . . drag it out.

  6. LDover commented on Nick Anderson 12 days ago

    He is worried about the Carson crowd, who many would call more idiotic even than the Trumpsters.

  7. LDover commented on Paul Szep 12 days ago

    Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship as of May 14, 2014.
    Why did he wait so long?
    He has implied he did not know of such laws.
    But he is a lawyer, a graduate of the Harvard Law School.

  8. LDover commented on Michael Ramirez 12 days ago

    A left vs. right spectrum is nonsense.
    Extremism and foolishness can be found at both imaginary poles.
    IMO Much, but not all, of what are called violations of PC are silly.

  9. LDover commented on Glenn McCoy 12 days ago

    nance19oped said,
    Why do Ben Carson’s supporters want him to have attempted to stab a classmate and beat his mother with a hammer?
    Among the Saved, it shows how God changed a sinner and gifted him with those famous “Gifted Hands.”

  10. LDover commented on Walt Handelsman 12 days ago

    In October 2011, newspapers reported that Rubio’s many previous statements that his parents were forced to leave Cuba in 1959, after Fidel Castro came to power, were false.

    His parents were economic immigrants who left Cuba in 1956, during the Batista dictatorship. They went back after Castro took over, but left again.

    His brother in law and close political supporter, Orlando Cicilia, was convicted as part of a drug-trafficking ring that paid off cops and sold cocaine by the kilo. Members of that ring had murdered and dismembered a government informer. Cicilia was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison, but somehow got out early.