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  1. LDover commented on Luann 7 days ago

    Dull Sunday stuff. Thoughtless kids, messy rooms, etc. Repetitive.

  2. LDover commented on Luann 9 days ago

    Those who NEVER make mistakes — run for President.

  3. LDover commented on Michael Ramirez 10 days ago

    If there is money to be made, it’s some corporation doing it, not the government.

  4. LDover commented on Steve Benson 10 days ago

    Not very gentlemanlyl

  5. LDover commented on Luann 12 days ago

    The point is to show that Tiff’s job is just as a paper-pusher, doing really dull stuff.

  6. LDover commented on Luann 14 days ago

    Luann has had her share of annoyances while babysitting. But she learned some from it. Can tolerate the mess.
    Tiff is slumming from her neat (but boring) paper-pushing desk in the office.

  7. LDover commented on Luann 15 days ago

    Since it seems the Saturday punchline may be the identity of the agent, It could be Tiff’s father, or Mr. Gray, or Dirk, or Anne E. Only the latter two have played much of a role here and would arouse concern.

  8. LDover commented on Luann 15 days ago

    The space between the two rooms is VERY thin.

  9. LDover commented on Luann 15 days ago

    Quill is so much smarter than Luann. I for one would hate for this character to leave the strip.
    The thesis of this whole comic strip is how dumb (naive, clueless, hormone-crazy, self-centered) Luann is.
    That it was the basic thesis in the beginning and still is. It is made mellow by having almost all around her almost as dumb, and some even dumber (Tiff, Fogarty, Knute, the old-Brad, etc.)
    Quill does not IMO really belong in the strip.

  10. LDover commented on Luann 15 days ago

    . . . the female friends of Bernice’s roommate!

    The ferret was about the only odd thing about any of them. And that never developed into anything interesting. (Another ‘aborted arc’ — like about ten others.)
    Anyway, would Nancy want a ferret in her house?