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  1. zippy06 commented on Glenn McCoy 1 day ago

    occupy some of this.
    Amazing how the liberals twist and turn everything to suit them.

  2. zippy06 commented on Robert Ariail 6 days ago

    Barry abandoned Iraq and Afghanistan because he flat is STUPID.
    Everyone knows better.
    Barry and Slow boat kerry are repeating history.
    The US and First Worlders need to show Radical Islam there is a better life.
    WE have almost won the war on Terrorism. It might last a 1000 yrs. But, it is almost won.

  3. zippy06 commented on Steve Breen 6 days ago

    There were several Civil Rights Acts. All proposed by the Republican Party.
    Civil Rights Act of 1866
    Civil Rights Act of 1871
    Civil Rights Act of 1875
    Civil Rights Act of 1957
    Civil Rights Act of 1960
    Civil Rights Act of 1964
    Civil Rights Act of 1965
    And all blocked by the Democrats.
    The party of Planned Parent Hood, The Party of the KKK, The party of The German Workers Socialists Party (NAZI), The USSR, the DPRK, etc.
    And no you can’t change history.

  4. zippy06 commented on Michael Ramirez 7 days ago

    Gee didn’t this guy have the same opinion/donation as Barry Soetoro???
    In about the same time frame…

  5. zippy06 commented on Michael Ramirez 7 days ago

    There is a new label.
    The left loves labels…………

  6. zippy06 commented on Mike Lester 10 days ago

    Maybe is the Personnel Office wasn’t filled with assholes. This might not have happened.
    All he wanted was a “leave chit”. Some time off…

  7. zippy06 commented on Scott Stantis 10 days ago

    Oh, we are still in the billgore Depression. Since 2000 and counting….

  8. zippy06 commented on Scott Stantis 10 days ago

    When you people talk about Congress inaction.
    Do you really mean lying Harry Reid would get out of the way and let some of the House bills come up for a vote?
    Last year 35 bills sat on his desk. He even said he would not let anything come up for a vote as long as Repubs. run the House.

  9. zippy06 commented on Scott Stantis 12 days ago

    Gee you guys ever hear of John and Debbie Dingle?
    Debbie disenfranchised every MI voter in 2008. By having Michigan’s primary election earlier than NH.
    Barry left the ballot. But, got all the votes. left Hillary holding the bag.
    Barry should never have been on the General Election ballot. He walked off.
    Debbie works for GM. John flies twice a week on a GM Jet.
    John is retiring . Guess who wants to be a Congressman.
    A hint. Gm Lobbyists.

  10. zippy06 commented on John Deering 12 days ago

    Here’s your WMD.