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  1. zippy06 commented on Lisa Benson 25 days ago

    Maybe, the Limo Liberals will got out of their planes and walk?
    billgore and hill would end up stuck in Iowa.

  2. zippy06 commented on Scary Gary 29 days ago

    I have thought about a career in writing horror stories. Steven King type. Just from my dreams.
    But, then I quit my job and the dreams and sleep walking went away.
    Maybe, I can write war stories. From memory….of the BAD dreams……..Still pondering…..

  3. zippy06 commented on Bob Gorrell about 1 month ago

    A blank paper would still be an insult. To the constantly offended folks from the stone age.

  4. zippy06 commented on Scary Gary about 1 month ago

    Another pork eating Infidel……………get some..

  5. zippy06 commented on Mike Lester about 1 month ago

    How come they didn’t kill those folks that draw with DUNG?
    Mary, Jesus, and Joesph are also prophets of Islam.

  6. zippy06 commented on Scott Stantis about 1 month ago

    Hey that looks like hillay and nixon…………….

  7. zippy06 commented on Dilbert Classics about 1 month ago

    Lady! if you don’t want to listen. Then don’t ask.

  8. zippy06 commented on Jerry Holbert about 1 month ago

    Hey. That’s what the Muslim Brotherhood wants. Go back to the stone age.
    As long as they do it over there. It’s all good.
    Mummoodd didn’t know about N. America. So we should be safe.

  9. zippy06 commented on Steve Breen about 1 month ago

    The US Military is still finding buried weapons. Mustard gas, Chlorine gas(didn’t the tree huggers ban Chlorine and R-12? Something about an ozone hole…The hole is still there and moves with the seasons. First pro/lib/commie/nazi false narrative about the planet Earth. Or was it the coming Ice AGE?), nerve gas, you name it….

  10. zippy06 commented on Steve Breen about 1 month ago

    Gee, the US Senate disagrees with you.


    Where did Canada get that free Yellow cake Uranium?