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  1. zippy06 commented on Jerry Holbert 2 days ago

    Did ya see the new t-shirts he is selling?
    They are cheaper than a pro/lib/commie/defeatocrat/nazi t-shirt.
    And the back really represents the core of the pro/lib/commie/nazi/defeatocrat party. Just a bunch of criminals.

  2. zippy06 commented on Michael Ramirez 2 days ago

    Trevon breaking into houses.
    Micheal car jacking. And breaking into cop cars.
    Same same

  3. zippy06 commented on Michael Ramirez 3 days ago

    wow. can’t beat that.
    berry playing golf…………with greedy fat cat bankers.

  4. zippy06 commented on Mike Lester 4 days ago

    Everything he said is true. GM is going to go bankrupt again. They have not changed a thing. They are running it in the ground.

  5. zippy06 commented on Bloom County 4 days ago

    Oh, yea. Laid off 2 times with jimmy and 4 times with billgore.
    I never thought the POTUS had control of jobs till I started reading pro/lib/commie/nazi/defeatocrat responses in the comics.

  6. zippy06 commented on Bloom County 4 days ago

    GWB is great. I have been employed 100% since he beat billgore.
    It’s awesome. The next depression is supposed to hit about Sept/Oct or so. This next one might be tough.
    Let’s call it the “billgorebarry depression”.
    Since the world really has not got over the billgore depression.

  7. zippy06 commented on Chip Bok 5 days ago

    maybe if berry left all those business people alone. they might start doing their jobs and hire some people.
    But, instead he has his hand out looking to …..to do what?
    Besides play golf.

    when you play more golf than all the Presidents combined. You have a problem.
    But, the US has a problem. And it’s going to be expensive.

  8. zippy06 commented on Lisa Benson 7 days ago

    Wow, 19% unemployment.
    That would be great up here in Detroit. It’s like 25-30% around here.

  9. zippy06 commented on Non Sequitur 7 days ago

    Not only were the King’s Navy impressing Innocent sailors to slavery.
    But, The King’s Army and Native Indians had not left the Upper Mid-West. They still held the forts in MI, OH, IN, IL

  10. zippy06 commented on Non Sequitur 7 days ago

    Hey Idiot! The UN invaded Iraq.
    By the way. It was so effective that one of the lost sheep of the International Community wanted back in. Moumar Qaddafi called the Hot Line and pleaded to be let back in the good Graces of the International Community.