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  1. zippy06 commented on Henry Payne 11 days ago

    Water plant DID NOT use anti-corrosive treatment. Even the US Navy uses this………A bunch of UNION Workers at the Water Plant sabotage the water. And they still work there.
    Nothing to do with the Governor…

  2. zippy06 commented on Steve Benson 20 days ago

    If you look closely it’s not racism. The water comes from the same pipes…..
    Or this is a picture from the Woodrow Wilson WH. He testified to congress that Black Fed. workers wanted there own drinking fountains.
    civil rights para.

  3. zippy06 commented on Michael Ramirez 23 days ago

    The price of 4 americans. $1.5 B

  4. zippy06 commented on Michael Ramirez 23 days ago

    Omar Abdel-Rahman The blind shake.
    Special Operations Speaks says berry wanted to trade Omar Abdel-Rahman for Amb. Stevens.
    Federal Judge found out the shake was in NY. Mission exposed. Shake ordered back to prison.

  5. zippy06 commented on Ken Catalino 23 days ago

    I see terrorists in Dearborn, Taylor, Detroit, Allen Park, etc.
    Yea. So what they are everywhere.

  6. zippy06 commented on Michael Ramirez 24 days ago


  7. zippy06 commented on Rob Rogers 24 days ago

    For your info. There are lead pipes in every city that existed before 1950. People hope the lead oxide stays in place…..
    And not just in the US all over the world.

  8. zippy06 commented on Rob Rogers 24 days ago

    Flint like Detroit, Chicago, New York, LA All failed society…..Run by Democrats….

  9. zippy06 commented on Rob Rogers 24 days ago

    For a pro/lib/commie/NAZI/loser/defeatist you nailed it on the head.

  10. zippy06 commented on Kevin Kallaugher 27 days ago

    ER doctors in Great Britain want to ban steak knives. Knife wounds are harder to fix. 60% weekend fighting outside the bars. Those stabbed bleed out by Mon-Tues. Doctors did not patch all the holes.