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  1. zippy06 commented on Steve Kelley 13 days ago

    So far this year the number of blacks killed by cops is the same as whites killed by cops………..

  2. zippy06 commented on Rob Rogers about 1 month ago

    You really believe the DOJ will enforce this stuff.
    They don’t enforce the current laws.
    “Of approximately 80,000 in 2012 that were denied (a gun) because of a background check … only 44 people were prosecuted for that,” Ayotte said during the February 19 meeting.

    2010 DOJ report on NICS. 73,000 Felons tried to buy a firearm. Only 13 were convicted.

  3. zippy06 commented on Rob Rogers about 1 month ago

    The problem is not law abiding citizens.
    The problem is Islam.

  4. zippy06 commented on Clay Bennett about 1 month ago

    Which aisle is the ammo on?
    At Meijer’s right next to the auto aisle.

  5. zippy06 commented on Clay Bennett about 1 month ago

    Haven’t been to Walmart have you.

  6. zippy06 commented on Bob Gorrell about 1 month ago

    First off.
    Powell’s and Rice’s emails don’t matter.
    They are not being investigated.

    1. Clinton and her boys Broke several laws. And lied about.

  7. zippy06 commented on John Deering 2 months ago

    If she owned land. She could vote….in most counties…

  8. zippy06 commented on Bloom County 3 months ago

    The End ?

  9. zippy06 commented on Doonesbury 4 months ago

    Wow. So much BS!
    Where’s the flooded streets?
    Oh, that’s right it’s almost hurricane season.
    Save this for June 1.

  10. zippy06 commented on Overboard 4 months ago

    Fried bolognie and Miracle Whip. Can’t beat it.