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  1. Baleine commented on Scott Stantis about 18 hours ago

    popless bubble wrap? This is what I imagined hell to be.


  2. Baleine commented on Gary Varvel 6 days ago

    The courts are brought into things when the people can’t get it together enough to find a common ground. Considering the people were arguing over something that probably shouldn’t a matter of law at all the ruling in favor of gay marriage is long over due.

  3. Baleine commented on Clay Jones 10 days ago

    A cheap shot. Don’t care if she advocated abstinence and later turned out to have views like almost everyone else. This is still a cheap shot.

  4. Baleine commented on Michael Ramirez 3 months ago

    It started about a year ago when the republicans started taking pot shots at Hillary because there were hits and rumors they she would run. Its all but over now because they are so busy taking shots at Hillary they can’t be bothered to figure out which one is their actual nominee.
    The more they take shots at her the more they endorse her. It is starting to sound just like the last presidential election where the republicans were so busy yelling about Obama they never realized the best candidate to beat Obama was the one they all but ignored.

  5. Baleine commented on Stuart Carlson 3 months ago

    When republicans started taking shots at Hillary a year ago I figured that it was their way of say “yeah, she’s your best choice.”

  6. Baleine commented on Matt Davies 3 months ago

    Anyone with an automatic sprinkler should turn them off or push the scheduled activations time out by about a week.
    However, the lion’s share of the water is going to the agriculture business.

  7. Baleine commented on Steve Breen 3 months ago

    You seem to have missed to nature of the weapons. The use of bioweapons on a small scale in an area of the world with a long history of violence is fairly easy to hide because no one wants to pay attention.
    The use of a nuclear weapon would get everyone’s attention very quickly. The nation using that weapon, especially if it Iran, would be on the receiving end of a painful response.

  8. Baleine commented on Lisa Benson 4 months ago

    I’d rather have the feds ruling over the internet than a telcom company.

  9. Baleine commented on Matt Wuerker 5 months ago

    A solider has a gun, training, body armor, and numerous types of gear.
    Williams had a microphone, a bullet proof vest, and briefing that amounts to “Watch out!”
    Yeah, he’s such a valor thief. Sheesh.

  10. Baleine commented on Signe Wilkinson 5 months ago

    When most of us watch the news its from the comfort of our homes. We quickly say things like “That’s so sad”, " Someone should do something" , and “What else is on?”. We are insolated and disconnected from the events but not from the people who report it. When one says she’s pregnant – we smile. When another says they are fighting cancer – we say a little prayer. When another tells a personal story about the events they saw – we are more willing to donate. We may never meet them but if we watch them enough they become someone to us. We see soldiers as more of a mythical creature then a person so they are still just strangers on the street in person.
    Brian Williams was there. He saw it. Even if he didn’t get his hands dirty or shot at it still leaves a mark. Perhaps the whole point was to not just get you to care more about the bigger events in the world but to act. Even if it just a letter to you state and federal rep.