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Rose is Rose

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  1. Baleine commented on Candorville 4 months ago

    Why did I think Lemont’s speech was going to turn out to be a Trump quote?

  2. Baleine commented on Rob Rogers 5 months ago

    This is a far better way to pay respects to a dead public figure than the usual pearly gates comic.

  3. Baleine commented on Barney & Clyde 5 months ago

    Just when you thought you’ve heard every fart joke possible something brilliant comes alone.

  4. Baleine commented on Chip Bok 8 months ago

    This field of rage seeded and cultivated for years before Trump came along. Its telling to see that it took a 3rd rate hack to cultivate the harvest the “pros” have been taking such care to fertilize.

  5. Baleine commented on Zen Pencils 9 months ago

    This is irresponsible babble. No one wants to be a garbage man or a janitor. Do you think those folks working the fields are thinking "this is the life i always wanted? Of course not. But someone still has to do those jobs.

  6. Baleine commented on Steve Breen 9 months ago

    I almost didn’t recognize him with a shirt on.

  7. Baleine commented on Henry Payne 10 months ago

    Way too much credit given to Trump. He should be wearing a stormtrooper outfit.

  8. Baleine commented on Matt Davies 10 months ago

    You’re giving Trump too much credit. The stuff he is saying is just another flavor of the fear based politics that the politicians have been using for some time. He’s more of a stormtrooper who forgot his helmet.

  9. Baleine commented on Marshall Ramsey 11 months ago

    He’s only copying what’s be going on since at least 9/11 and he is not the only one. Ann Coulter is another.

  10. Baleine commented on Zen Pencils 11 months ago

    bad examples. none of those places he walked by pay the bills or are affordable without some kind of income.