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  1. Baleine commented on Paul Szep 4 days ago

    The biggest failure of a fan is the inability to seperate the infallible entertainer from the highly fallibe human being. If you thought Cliff Huztable = Bill Cosby thats your problem and your failure.

  2. Baleine commented on Jeff Stahler 5 days ago

    The biggest failure of a fan is the inability to seperate the entertainer from the real person. Its why they say you should never meet your hero.

  3. Baleine commented on Ted Rall 12 days ago

    Not really a surprise. The whole thing is too much of a bureaucracy and it comes with all the ineffiencies normally linked to one. That includes lots of commanders protecting their pet projects.

  4. Baleine commented on Robert Ariail 12 days ago

    I do, I do, I do…..as long as its to keep the monopolistic nature of the telecommincaiton companies in check.

    And while they are at it they can do the same for banks and wall street too.

  5. Baleine commented on Clay Jones 22 days ago

    I think I’d rather have Clinton as president with Bush the 3rd as VP than that guy.

  6. Baleine commented on Steve Breen 22 days ago

    If voting is as important and sacred as people seem to make it out to be then how can you endorse voting when no one running is worthy of your vote?

  7. Baleine commented on Steve Benson 22 days ago

    Its hard to be well informed when the loudest are only interested in you conforming to their point of view.

  8. Baleine commented on Jim Morin 26 days ago

    1.If mandatory quarantines were the best option the CDC, Doctors without Borders, along with many other medical groups would be advocating the Federal Government to implement a quarantine.
    2. The reasons it spread so much in Africa has more to do with the weakness of their medical system and their culture than the infectiousness of the disease. Contact with body fluids is it. Bumping into them on the subway or stand next to them in line- no.
    3. The decision of a limited number of states to require a quarentine is based on the same fear that your arguement is based on. That and the selfish desire to use this “decisivness” as a campaign tool in the next election.
    4. Global warming is a GLOBAL change in climate. It means some places will get better other will get worse. You got lucky, thats all.

  9. Baleine commented on Michael Ramirez 29 days ago

    Yeah Mikey! Way to keep the panic train rolling.

  10. Baleine commented on Tim Eagan 29 days ago

    Bingo. Its just an “elect me” move at the expense of those who put their lives at risk to do the actual work of fighting the outbreak.