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  1. rusty gate commented on Gil Thorp about 3 hours ago

    Quick way to get story line over, move on to Gil’s summer job. Isn’t he a golf instructor?

  2. rusty gate commented on Arlo and Janis about 4 hours ago

    Yep, Dagwood was a lucky guy.

  3. rusty gate commented on Luann 2 days ago

    Since Bernice is a silent film aficionado, maybe she could do a Marcel Marceau routine. Luann has ‘juggled’ boy friends/would-be-suitors, so perhaps she could indeed juggle.

  4. rusty gate commented on Luann Againn 2 days ago

    Deodorant could definitely be a problem. Any chance they might pass a store on the way to the beach?

  5. rusty gate commented on Gil Thorp 2 days ago

    Unless Jefferson is really bad, this may not turn out well. You can only take emotion so far. ‘Boo’ Radley—-one of those names I hate to see written out. Maybe Milford girls will get a player next year named Scout, or the boys new qb will be called Atticus.

  6. rusty gate commented on Luann 6 days ago

    Last time we saw Jock Man I recall he had already had focused on another lady. Quill and Gunther at least have personalities and emotions. Jock Man was not eve that well-drawn, nothing to make me think he could be a semi-regular.

  7. rusty gate commented on Gil Thorp 6 days ago

    Long season, mid-June. Seniors must not graduate until July. True may be just a bit tardy at his college of choice (was it Wake Forest?)

  8. rusty gate commented on Luann 9 days ago

    Unless a new love interest is introduced, looks like it’s either Luann flying solo or a re-run with Gunther. Maybe time for big brother Brad to get a story line? Maybe a summer wedding?

  9. rusty gate commented on Gil Thorp 9 days ago

    I still feel much as I did yesterday. Bader may be a jerk, a big mouth, whatever else, but I can’t see how he is at fault. Did he wrongfully stand up and defend his dad? Was he in denial how bad things were? Did his mom try to shield him from the serious problem his dad had? Some, maybe all are fact.

    It’s natural for a kid to stand up for his dad, we want to see the best in them. As a teacher, I see kids who put their dads on a pedestal when our staff knows better. Sorry, young Bader has plenty of faults, but being guilty of this horrible tragedy is not one of the. I pity the kid.

  10. rusty gate commented on Gil Thorp 10 days ago

    Gotta feel sorry for Barry Bader. This was not his fault. Guess the classmates need someone to lash out at.