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  1. senigma commented on Glenn McCoy almost 2 years ago

    You know, when all you got is lying, you’re not a serious party ready to govern.

  2. senigma commented on Last Kiss almost 2 years ago

    You slime!

  3. senigma commented on Frog Applause over 2 years ago

    Good question, Good Question.

  4. senigma commented on La Cucaracha over 2 years ago

    The immigrant experience has been hugely successful for the US. Not knowing English has never be a requirement nor particularly an impediment. Xenophobia has, unfortunately, been a constant. Look back to what was being sad and written about earlier waves of immigrants; the Irish, the Italians. Immigration is and always has been a net gain for the nation.

  5. senigma commented on Frog Applause over 3 years ago

    llama llama ding dong.

  6. senigma commented on PC and Pixel almost 4 years ago

    @JackButler- Yes we are an omnivorous species, but when you think about it, even the best hunter would not be successful all that often. Ergo, the diet would be mostly vegetarian supplemented occasionally with meat.

  7. senigma commented on Cul de Sac almost 4 years ago

    Bad hair, Santa, photo cards. Oh the horror, the horror.

  8. senigma commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria about 4 years ago

    Pope??? The Tudor’s pretty much finished off that relationship and the German line was always Protestant.

    Not well played at all.

  9. senigma commented on Frog Applause about 4 years ago

    It’s no great trick to hit a ptarmigan with anything. The most clueless birds in the world.