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  1. Bailey commented on Basic Instructions over 3 years ago

    NOO! Everybody knows that you should look for another job, do the application and interview bit, see if your called back… and then — and ONLY then — threaten to quit. Get ahold of yourself!

  2. Bailey commented on Lost Side of Suburbia over 3 years ago

    …"I’ve always loved his entire look, though I have to admit that he looks a lot more loveable than he actually is!
    So, so true. I have to wonder if was his (ahem!) lovely wife who bought or suggested the earrings… it is a nice touch.

  3. Bailey commented on Lost Side of Suburbia over 3 years ago


  4. Bailey commented on Lost Side of Suburbia over 3 years ago

    Yep. Just because Kory has to be off doing important things…
    it doesn’t mean we should (or could) stop chattering.
    That’d be harsh.

  5. Bailey commented on Lost Side of Suburbia over 3 years ago

    Kory, for all of the Madness and Mayhem, Heros (of all sizes, hearts, aptitudes, species, and dimension) and villainous Evil-Doers (of the same), Adventure and Wanderlust, Kindness and Cruel and Evil-Minded Wickedness of the Lowest Order, Decency and Sadness, Cruelty and Pity, Dastardly Demons and Haloed Angels (both to be found in the oddest forms and places, with wit, wisdom, traditions, new-fangled mumbo jumbo, and all), Beauty and Monstrosity, Humor and Pathos, Delight and Indignity, Selfishness and Courage, Sacrifice and Redemption, Artistry and Devious Working of Clever Details and Interesting Tidbits and Details into Every Scrap of Scenery, Vision and Brains-in-Retrograde — I’m sure I needn’t continue (even though I will…) — that you so cleverly and regularly GIFT us (your unworthy but ever-so-eager Monday-through-Friday fan club of fanatics, wannabes, and dreamers) like clean and efficient clockwork delivered to delight or disturb us at the start of every week (whew)… we are grateful.
    How could we be anything but supportive, understanding, and (hardest of all, but we can do it!!! :ºJ) patient as you do the other thing you’re best at — your job — while we wait with the eagerness of a passel six-month-old puppies for your return.
    I (we, I’m sure) hope your week goes very smoothly, and (if possible) enjoyably. I know that — in your absence — I’ll strive to do only things that make life (mine too) better more beautiful, more meaningful, enjoyable, humor-filled, truth-filled, energetic, peaceful, imaginative, creative, colorful, loving, kind, and spirited.
    I’ll play music, and dance… sing and swim, write and draw (and color, and marker and other good stuff) with no particular goal in mind except to live fully and inside of gusto.
    Speaking of gusto, I think I’ll do some cooking too…!
    You will be missed… but the real joy at your return will be splendiferous, heartfelt, and genuine.
    With great affection (and affection — at times — I fear :ªJ),
    PS – After all… we’d be lost Lost Side of Suburbia-ns without your talent, brilliance, and generosity would we not?

  6. Bailey commented on The Other Coast over 3 years ago

    “Just a day or two ago I read about a cop who left his work dog, a German Shepherd, in his car and it died. You’d think a cop would know better, when they expect us to. :(”
    Sadly, not all cops are cops for the right reasons.
    Some — very few thankfully — just like to boss other living things around… and think that “dogs are just dogs”…

  7. Bailey commented on Boomerangs over 3 years ago

    Perspective matters.

  8. Bailey commented on One Big Happy over 3 years ago

    I’ve always found that word funny, too.

  9. Bailey commented on Break of Day over 3 years ago

    The other kid has “block block”.

  10. Bailey commented on Cul de Sac over 3 years ago

    I love fireflies… they’re delightful.
    … and so is the show. Wish it had had a longer run. I do.