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  1. ghcater commented on Steve Benson over 2 years ago

    Stupid apple and oranges comparison, Freedom is a right that must at times be defended or it will be lost to someone or something bigger or more powerful. The overwhelming majority of the ‘cost’ on the tag is caused by criminal activity, or negligence of safety rules. The small fraction that comes from non-criminal persons defending themselves does relate to the cost of freedom regarding everyone’s right to self defense.

  2. ghcater commented on Steve Breen almost 3 years ago

    True, if your concept of God is limited to that…

  3. ghcater commented on Working Daze almost 3 years ago


  4. ghcater commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not about 3 years ago

    No….. but the issued Swiss Army knife does… where do ya think the “Swiss Army Knife” comes from? :-)

  5. ghcater commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not about 3 years ago

    You’d have to ask the Swiss high command, but I’d expect a basic load for each member in a community would be kept in a secure, but easily accessible point in each town (like our NG armories. Must work though, they have an incredibly low gun violence rate…

  6. ghcater commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not about 3 years ago

    The Swiss are issued SIG SG 550 assault rifles, not pistols as the pic implies. They also keep all their personal military issued equipment, less ammo.

  7. ghcater commented on Arlo and Janis about 3 years ago

    Yeah, just as some angry black males would vote for Obama no matter what he did or to whom, however objective analysis and fair questioning would show that most angry (any group) just wants competent leadership and management in the White House….

  8. ghcater commented on Working Daze about 3 years ago

    so sad for you…

  9. ghcater commented on Mike Luckovich about 3 years ago


  10. ghcater commented on Chuck Asay about 3 years ago

    Disagreeing with the cartoonist’s perspective doesn’t in the least change the easily observable facts that the ‘MSM’ is tiptoeing around the issue, completely failing to ask the hard questions they would ask if it were a Republican in office. Doubt that? Then take all the personal dislike and conspiracy ideas out of the equation, assume both dems and repubs sincerely believe they have the country’s best interest at heart, and then ask the questions you know you want answers to regarding the administration’s public statements vs. the facts as they have come out.