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  1. Lerf1950 commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 4 hours ago

    A hamburger and grape soda. That’s summer. Yeah…

  2. Lerf1950 commented on Doonesbury 2 days ago

    Thank you, Gary Trudeau for finding a way to say this that will touch a lot of people. I have so many friends who are still wounded from Viet Nam, who are trying to fight their way out of not just what happened in the war, but what was done to them by the press, the popular media, and some of the more idiotic war protesters.

  3. Lerf1950 commented on Close to Home 2 days ago

    We’re just better designed. Oh, and we don’t regard going to the doctor as a sign of weakness.

  4. Lerf1950 commented on FoxTrot Classics 3 days ago

    Jason should have known better than to ask Paige in the first place.

  5. Lerf1950 commented on Bloom County 4 days ago

    Terrifyingly apt, considering he just crawled out of the Republican Candidate Clown Car a couple of weeks ago.

  6. Lerf1950 commented on Gray Matters 6 days ago

    Well, it has virtually zero nutritional value, and very little value as a fiber source. Add that to the fact that it has no flavor and it’s clear to see 1. Why it was an “in” food in the ‘50s and 2. it’s not in the 20-teens.

  7. Lerf1950 commented on That is Priceless 8 days ago

    Y’know even seeing the title of this one doesn’t give me the remotest clue about what’s going on….

  8. Lerf1950 commented on Calvin and Hobbes 8 days ago

    When I had training wheels I rode my bike all over. Soon as they were taken off I was terrified of the darn thing, and never have learned to ride a bike in the intervening fifty-some years. My husband tried once. I hated it.

  9. Lerf1950 commented on Red and Rover 12 days ago

    Sammy Terry!!!!

  10. Lerf1950 commented on FoxTrot Classics 12 days ago

    Me I’m waiting for TES 6, which with TESO isn’t likely to happen in my lifetime.