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  1. Tandembuzz commented on Thatababy 9 months ago

    Used a variant of that joke on our Christmas card this year.

  2. Tandembuzz commented on Reality Check 9 months ago

    Love the eye chart!! Welcome, Christmas!

  3. Tandembuzz commented on Pooch Cafe 9 months ago

    Actually, Lutheran Protestants (the first protestants by some accounts) DO practice Confession (both corporate and individual), we just don’t consider it a sacrament…we acknowledge two and one-half sacraments: Baptism, Holy Eucharist, and the “half” is Penance; it has the spiritual element, but no Earthly element. (Baptism has water and the Spirit; Communion has water, wine and Christ’s presence; Penance only has the promise of Christ that our sins are forgiven.)

  4. Tandembuzz commented on Bloom County 2016 9 months ago

    I do. I also communicate in ways which are not limited to 145 characters, so I spell out my words in their entirety.

  5. Tandembuzz commented on Ozy and Millie 9 months ago

    I wonder if it’s uncomfortable to sit with your tail between your legs, rather than behind you.

  6. Tandembuzz commented on JumpStart 9 months ago

    Perhaps the department uses the funding to advertize their program in which citizens donate the gifts, and the officers distribute them to the community. The US Marines do a similar “Toys for Tots” campaign each year…funded by the government, but the toy donations come from citizens.

  7. Tandembuzz commented on Francis 9 months ago

    If they were top-heavy on the bottom, they’d be bottom-heavy. :-) I’m sure it was just a typo, or a “brain-o” if you like.

  8. Tandembuzz commented on Buni 9 months ago

    That statement is likely qualified as it is because there have only been official records for 135 years.

  9. Tandembuzz commented on Thatababy 9 months ago

    Où est Cebébé?

  10. Tandembuzz commented on Peanuts Begins 9 months ago

    I was married once, too. It took pretty well, ‘cause I’m still married…but I haven’t figured out my bride yet, beyond, “When in doubt, assume you’re in trouble, wrong, or both”.