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  1. James Maxwell commented on La Cucaracha 3 days ago

    I was thinking more along the lines of a Barbecued Pork and a pig farm in close proximity to al borders

  2. James Maxwell commented on Prickly City 4 days ago

    Hart to argue or debate the truth, unless she spews lies like a Whale from its blow hole.

  3. James Maxwell commented on Baldo 4 days ago

    In Gracie’s case I think that sticks and stones would do
    less harm. She had “BIG” books. LOL

  4. James Maxwell commented on Alley Oop 5 days ago

    It’s good to be the King, till the poop hits the fan and then you need everyone working as a team before you lose your head!

  5. James Maxwell commented on Herb and Jamaal 9 days ago

    Hello “Friend” here come de pounds!

  6. James Maxwell commented on Baldo 9 days ago

    And now you know why American businesses are going
    down the tubes when the children take over. They get
    a free ride, educated by college professors who never held
    a job in their lives and know jack squat about the real
    world of business. Books can only teach you so much
    it take hands on Blood, Sweat and many sleepless nights
    to make a business successful

  7. James Maxwell commented on Luann 10 days ago

    Call TJ be a hell of a lot less stressful than those two “helpers” picking the dress.

  8. James Maxwell commented on La Cucaracha 11 days ago

    We cut off the welfare payment to mexico and build the wall, then we still save 30 billion dillars instantly.

  9. James Maxwell commented on Calvin and Hobbes 13 days ago

    Had a friend who worked the majority of his life until one day he won a very large lottery that basically set him up for the
    rest of his life. He paid off all of his bill including his home
    and vehicles. H then bought a place and built his dream home out in the country. Fortunately he was shred with his money and made good investments and got a good return
    from them. He was out of the work force for about 5 years then he went back to work. Said Retirement sucked and he needed something to occupy his mind

  10. James Maxwell commented on Arlo and Janis 13 days ago

    Carefull Arlo, that is a very loaded question. You NEVER
    find fault with your wife’s make up nor clothing under any circumstances. But she will always find fault with yours