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  1. James Maxwell commented on Rose is Rose about 20 hours ago

    Aww, the old stickey three on the tree problem. Wore out bushings that are easy to replace and make it smooooooth again.

  2. James Maxwell commented on Momma about 21 hours ago

    Like a lot of the Millennials today, just a mattress on the floor and their computer, I-phone, and what ever other electrical
    devices they own. NO furniture and no plans for the future.
    Just stay in the basement till doomsday and whine a lot
    because their degree in loosey goosey dress design did
    not get them a job.

  3. James Maxwell commented on Get Fuzzy 3 days ago

    And remind me why we allow cats anywhere close to any
    living, breathing creatures or humans and even more of
    a curiosity why are they allowed inside homes?

  4. James Maxwell commented on Baldo 3 days ago

    Only time I could find identical shoes was when I was in the military and all of our shoes looked the same as did our boots.

  5. James Maxwell commented on Monty 3 days ago

    My family came in to visit this weekend, There went my diet.
    I had lost 30 lbs but I think I found it when my daughter and daughter-in-law invaded the kitchen. I will not be able to eat for the next six months now. But it was good and I am grateful for having my family together.

  6. James Maxwell commented on Andy Capp 4 days ago

    I had been in England for about 6 months and a regular at
    The Black Swan and learned the game of Darts from the
    regulars there. On evening a team member was sick and
    the did not find out until about 30 minutes before the game.
    The invited me to stand in so they would not have to forfeit
    the match. Fortunately I had been playing regularly at other pubs and on the Base as well. I played three matches and
    won all three of mine and out team won also. I was ask
    to join the team as a alternate and then as a regular.
    Must admit it was a lot of fun and I still have the darts I
    bought over there in a special box.

  7. James Maxwell commented on La Cucaracha 4 days ago

    Don’t forget what happened when the Spanish invaded South America and what they did to the native tribes long before the
    Europeans came to North America and settled here. Is an
    age old story that people forget and it is happening again in
    the United States as more and more foreigners are invading
    our shores to conquer and change the landscape.

  8. James Maxwell commented on Arlo and Janis 6 days ago

    Gas or Electric are pretty but nothing beats a real fire with
    real logs. The Dura flame logs and others are nice but
    real Oak, Pecan, Walnut or Maple are best and the aroma
    is outstanding. Even a Coal fire is preferred over fake logs.

  9. James Maxwell commented on Wizard of Id 7 days ago

    I can feel sorry for Rodney, I could not grow any facial hair until I was 35 and in the hospital with a broken neck. After
    4 weeks I finally grew a mustaches. At long last I have
    managed to grow chin whiskers.

  10. James Maxwell commented on Luann 7 days ago

    With the stage crowd you are never sure what is reality and what is make believe. Male or Female (or inbetween) can be very confusing to some at times.