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  1. James Maxwell commented on Get Fuzzy about 20 hours ago

    Bucky Kat may have Brick up his Pi hole if he not careful.

  2. James Maxwell commented on Frazz about 21 hours ago

    Liverwurst and onion sandwich with mayo on it. Outstanding!

  3. James Maxwell commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 21 hours ago

    All that needs to happen now is they grow up and get
    married. then she will pull out all of the past cards
    from him and his life will be hell forever after!

  4. James Maxwell commented on Arlo and Janis about 21 hours ago

    Oh mercy the cat jumped up and knocked it into the
    trash can.

  5. James Maxwell commented on Momma about 21 hours ago

    Apparently he had not studied the Mississippi River very
    much or paid attention to how dangerous nor fast it runs
    this time of year. Of course ridding the buses is
    pretty scary nowadays with all the thugs and pukes on

  6. James Maxwell commented on Luann 1 day ago

    of you have that much in common and a trip to New York
    could destroy any relationship you might have or any
    chance of one you might have. Stay there and see if
    you can work thru it there before you go to the fly by
    night games.

  7. James Maxwell commented on Broom Hilda 1 day ago

    I would have expected a different set of results! Kitty
    would have a much different attitude towards little
    Green Ladies.

  8. James Maxwell commented on Baldo 2 days ago

    Typical teenager of today, no manners, and soon he will
    turn into a fat slob. Parents are the ones at fault in this
    and should teach their children to sit down at the table,
    eat the meal and not play with phone, tablets or other
    distracting devices. Parents set the example. and do
    the same, turn off all electronic devices, phones,
    TV’s, computer, I-pads and actually converse with your
    children and each other. Might surprise you as to how
    much fun that can be especially if you start at an early

  9. James Maxwell commented on La Cucaracha 3 days ago

    Considering what is invading Denmark and other Scandinavian countries not to mention Europe I
    think it a dammed good idea they also need to
    shake them down and remove any and all items
    that can be used as weapons. Better still deny
    them entry and sen them back home to resolve
    the problems there. Their life style and culture
    is unfit for civilized Nations and their religion(?)
    is not compatible with others.

  10. James Maxwell commented on Candorville 4 days ago

    Voter fraud is how the Democrat Socialist stay in power in some areas. There have been numerous cases documentation where a single person has voted numerous times in violation of the laws. Primarily on the democrat socialist controlled areas such as Chicago, New York and other bastions of Socialism. Especially when the number of voters exceed the number of registered voters in an area. The left and their minions are afraid that if they do not they will be exposed and lose elections and their cushy jobs of robbing the people.