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  1. James Maxwell commented on Pearls Before Swine 4 days ago

    Look at the past election and the candidate put up by the Socialist Democrats, of course you can also look at the GOP and wonder where we went wrong.

  2. James Maxwell commented on For Better or For Worse 4 days ago

    I was at Academy today to purchase a couple of items. there was a young man behind the cash register. While I was standing there one of the girls came up and had him wite some information on a form she had. I looked at his handwriting (?) and I’ve see chickens scratch better than that He made the doctors handwriting look plus intelligent. then I found out he had graduated from A&M. I fel sorry for the younger generation if our computers ever go down.

  3. James Maxwell commented on Shoe 12 days ago

    I dated a girl that free a long time ago, she was so free
    she disappeared with a friend. I send him a thank you
    card ever year.

  4. James Maxwell commented on Bob the Squirrel 14 days ago

    I had a pup that was having trouble breating and wheezing.
    Took him to the Vet office and they had him in the back
    for a couple of hours $365.00 they brought Patches out
    and gave me some pills for him. Said to take him home,
    I got him home and was on the porch with him when he
    gasp and went limp. I lost him and it hurt but I fugured
    he must have been in worse shape than I though. What
    really upset me most was I am sure they knew he would
    not make it and didn’t bother to tell me. I talked to a few
    other people and they had the same experience with that
    vet. Word spread and we got rid of them real quick.

  5. James Maxwell commented on Ziggy 17 days ago

    Then haven’t been to Washington DC yet. Butt ugly
    and impossible to clean the stench off of them.

  6. James Maxwell commented on For Better or For Worse 17 days ago

    For myself, when I was young and had a bike the rules in
    summer time was eat breakfast first an be home for supper
    time at 6:00PM. I lived in in Houston, TX and many towns
    along the Gulf Coast and in in South Louisiana at the time.
    Got a bike when I was able to reach the petals and from
    then on it was freedom to go when and where I wanted.
    Dad bought me a wrist watch to keep track of time so I knew
    when to be home. I made a rack for the back of my bike
    so I could carry my lunch (crackers, piece of cheese and
    some summer sausage) my fishing pole and bait or my
    Red Ryder BB gun. But that was before the world took
    a dump and the PC idiots sprung forth like cockroaches
    to infest the land.

  7. James Maxwell commented on Shoe 18 days ago

    They go forth spewing loft ideal and tell us how they are
    going to “FIX” our problems. What they do not tell you
    is they are going to fix your problem and spend all your
    money and your grand kids money to do it in their favor.
    Neither party cares bout the voters nor which party you
    belong to as long as you put them in office for life and
    the pay them to screw up the nation and steal your

  8. James Maxwell commented on Bob the Squirrel 19 days ago

    Many people do not realize the our pets feel the loss of a
    member of the Pack when one disappears. Especially if
    they have been together for a long time.

  9. James Maxwell commented on Prickly City 19 days ago

    The fourth estate is the out house, you used
    the fifth estate to clean up your mess afterwards
    it is not already full of c _ _ P!

  10. James Maxwell commented on Arlo and Janis 26 days ago

    Nothing like a great “Advisor” to help you at times.