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  1. James Maxwell commented on La Cucaracha 8 days ago

    The are getting read to make a run of Mexican flags
    to burn when the actually close the border when
    the jay hemlm 15 troops push south .

  2. James Maxwell commented on Baldo 9 days ago

    Friend of mine picked up a 75 pacer, a little rough but engine
    was good. He took it home to his 16 year old as a first car
    when he got his license. This was in 1990 and his son’s
    school had a shop class. The kids in the shop class all worked on it, from the Mechanical to the paint and some
    custom work also. I saw picturs of it and it look better for
    sure. He told me his son still has it and keeps drives it
    on a regular basis. But he also said his son has a better car now. it was just the memoried of him and his dad working on it and the fact that it was his first vehicle.

  3. James Maxwell commented on Monty 9 days ago

    Surprise, you actually succeeded in becoming one with the underbrush. OR else the help was trying to lighten their load of idiots

  4. James Maxwell commented on Drabble 23 days ago

    I can relate to that one, I left home in the military, came back two years later and my family had moved. Have to admit my
    Dad had bought a really nice place on 5 acres of land just out of town. Caught me off guard as they did not tell me about
    it until I came back from overseas, all the told me was to
    call from the Bus Station and they would come get me. The house was about 5 miles out of town.

  5. James Maxwell commented on La Cucaracha 25 days ago

    First they are not immigrants they are INVADERS. Immigrants come in thru the front door in a lawful and legal manner with
    papers in hand to show they want to immigrate here. NOT
    like a thief in the night who breaks into your home to rape,
    plunder, pillage and steal what does not belong to them.
    Big, Big difference. Legal immigrants are welcomed and
    become part of our society as the assimilate into American
    society and become productive members.

  6. James Maxwell commented on Momma 25 days ago

    If kids today had to write in Cursive and insure that they
    spelled the words correctly nothing would ever get done.
    They can barely print much less write cursive and if they
    had to use a quill pen and ink well nothing would ever
    be done. Might be a good idea in reality though No cell
    phone, no twit, no twitter and no dammed instagram selfies.

  7. James Maxwell commented on Brewster Rockit 26 days ago

    Think that is already happening in the United States
    already base upon the SCOTUS decisions and
    what is dribbling out the occupier of the White House.

  8. James Maxwell commented on Pearls Before Swine about 1 month ago

    Look at the past election and the candidate put up by the Socialist Democrats, of course you can also look at the GOP and wonder where we went wrong.

  9. James Maxwell commented on For Better or For Worse about 1 month ago

    I was at Academy today to purchase a couple of items. there was a young man behind the cash register. While I was standing there one of the girls came up and had him wite some information on a form she had. I looked at his handwriting (?) and I’ve see chickens scratch better than that He made the doctors handwriting look plus intelligent. then I found out he had graduated from A&M. I fel sorry for the younger generation if our computers ever go down.

  10. James Maxwell commented on Shoe about 1 month ago

    I dated a girl that free a long time ago, she was so free
    she disappeared with a friend. I send him a thank you
    card ever year.