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  1. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy about 3 hours ago

    This is cool, and it’s fun that we were discussing this very possibility yesterday. There’s one thing I’m not getting: if Tracy sent a sample of his voice over to be compared, wouldn’t the identifying photo sent back be of his old face?
    How does anyone at NCIC know what Gruesome’s new face looks like? Or, if Tracy is sending them a sample of how he looks now, how does that help, when his new face is not on file anywhere? But, this is still great stuff from Team Tracy!

  2. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy about 17 hours ago

    . Is there any example of that machine being able to identify someone from several yards away from the microphone?

    In the Max Collins story about Putty Puss from Oct 87 – April 88, the villain is pretending to be Diet smith, and Tracy uses his 2-way wrist computer’s voice print function to prove it’s not Diet, while the impostor is making a speech at a podium and Tracy is in the audience. That, of course, was 10 years or so after the Voice-O-Graph of Gould’s day, but I think the principle is about the same.

  3. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy about 23 hours ago

    It really like the fact that Joe Staton does long shots, medium shots and close-ups.

    Right! That’s one of the techniques that made Gould’s work so interesting to read and look at, and Joe seems to be following in that tradition. I’m not an artist, but I’ll bet that’s not easy to do within the limits of a small newspaper comic strip panel.

  4. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy about 23 hours ago

    Thanks for the interesting history of the Voice-O-Graph I kind of remember that when it was introduced. By 1965, my interests had turned more to music, (the British Invasion especially), and since my dad subscribed to a paper which only had Tracy on Sunday, I didn’t follow it as keenly as I had earlier. When I was in the Air Force, the Pacific Stars and Stripes had Tracy 7 days a week, and I got back into Tracy during the Pouch, Johnny Scorn story.

    By the way, I left a small comment for you late yesterday; hope you saw it. Peace!

  5. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    Truly sorry Ken, that when the more flamboyant side of me comes out on the Board – that it completely obscures my messages, or worse, somehow ‘offends’ you.

    No, no, Syd, no offense at all. We each have a right to express ourselves in our own style. I just thought you might like to know that sometimes I get confused by what it is you are saying. But I’m glad you enjoy the classic Gould days of Dick Tracy! So do I.

  6. Ken in Ohio commented on Frazz 2 days ago

    “Stanch” is in the Webster’s New World Dictionary, but it says “see Staunch”, where the definition is explained. I take this to mean that “Stanch” is an alternate spelling, but “Staunch” is preferred.

  7. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago


    @Sydney Phillips

    Please excuse my typos this morning. I had several finger fumbles while I was replying to you above!

  8. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    Sydney, I honestly read your comments with the idea of trying to understand what point you are making, but I invariably get lost among all the caps, boldface, italics and parenthetical asides. If your purpose is to communicate an idea, I humbly suggest that your overuse of these devices is actually obscuring what it is that you are trying to say. When yo emphasize almost everything, the end result is that you actually don’t emphasize anything – it just becomes a mish-mash that doesn’t make sense. Which is unfortunate, because I think you have interesting ideas and insights into the history if the Dick Tracy strip which I would enjoy.

    Just my opinion, friend, thanks for being a part of this forum.

  9. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    having never seen the movie.. is it SUPPOSED to be a comedy?

    Neil Wick posted a quote from the New York Times opening night review which very clearly applauds the play for being a successful comedy. This was put up 6 1/2 hours before your question. I remember that you said once that you posted at work, and didn’t have time to read all the comments, but the whole point of a board like this is a dialog between people with a common interest. If you ask questions like that, what’s the point if you don’t read other’s comments, which in many cases already gave you you answer?

    Plus, Ray Toler explained the whole business to you several days ago, and is repeating it for your convenience this morning. I hope all of this enables you to enjoy what’s going on here!

  10. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 4 days ago

    It always seemed to me (and I don’t know if this is accurate) that Gould would write and draw the Sundays first then flesh things out in the dailies later. This, I believe, is why Chet’s dailies and Sundays did not always match up

    Ray, that is true according to Max Allen Collins" opening essays in the IDW reprint books. It is also very obvious when you have the books in order, and the dailies and Sundays can be compared. One example: in the story where Itchy tried to starve Tracy to death, Tracy’s weight gain after the ordeal fluctuated noticeably between the week days and Sundays, until he was finally fully recovered. Mr. Collins says that the Sundays needed to be completed well in advance of the dailies because of printing requirements for color reproduction.