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  1. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    Some of you early commentators have already alluded to this, but for readers who have joined Dick Tracy later, and may not know:

    Whenever B.O. was asked any question about almost anything, he would reply with his life story. This was introduced almost as soon as the character himself made his initial appearance.

    For example, B.O.would be a witness to some crime, and Tracy would say something like, “Calm down now, B.O., and tel me all about it.” And B.O. would answer “Wal, you see, I was one of eight boys when Pappy took us West. . .”

    This became a running gag in the strip. But we never knew much, if anything, about Gertie’s family background, except, Gertie told Tracy that her father died of a drug addiction. So, if he “took his family East” like she says here, when did he get into drugs?

  2. Ken in Ohio commented on Shoe 9 days ago

    The same principal applies to others words that are borrowed from the original word. Ground turkey patties are called “turkey burgers” – the original was hamburger, after Hamburg, where the ground beef sandwich was supposedly invented. Or chocoholic, which comes from alcoholic. The “ic” was added to alcohol, but the whole “holic” was brought over to invent a new word.

  3. Ken in Ohio commented on Nancy 9 days ago

    There is no such thing as a E flat minor, it would be an E flat Major.

    I’m not sure why you say there is no such thing as an E flat minor. There certainly is a playable chord; the notes would be: E flat, G flat and B flat. So why couldn’t some composer write something in that key if he or she wanted to?

  4. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 10 days ago

    but we don’t know anything yet about Gruesome’s string of bank robberies. For all we know, he may have murdered several people in the course of his bank holdups.

    When we were shown Gruesome talking to his partner, and his partner was complaining they were low on funds, I seem to remember Gruesome saying “I,m not a bank robber, I’m a murderer, and someone owes me money” or words to that effect.

  5. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 16 days ago

    *The Go Comics colorist likely doesn’t know . . .

    But BRILLIANT’S Hair was RED !*

    True, but what is depicted here is a B&W photograph (or maybe a sepia image – they were popular during the late 40s.) Not only is his hair brownish, the whole photograph is the same shade. It’s sort of like a color reproduction of a B&W print.

  6. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 17 days ago

    The thing I always liked about Dick, in all his 80 years of hanging with Sam & Diet and chasing chain-smoking gangsters, I have never once remembered him commenting on their smoking habits..

    Once, Tracy and Sam were on a stake out in the woods, and Tracy asked Sam not to smoke because the odor would give away their position to the crooks. Another time, when the crew from HQ was investigating a quarry, someone smelled a cigar, because a crook was hiding, but they missed it because they assumed it was Sam’s cigarette.

  7. Ken in Ohio commented on Rabbits Against Magic 22 days ago

    Another Brick in the Wall.

  8. Ken in Ohio commented on For Better or For Worse 22 days ago

    For a staff member of a local high school, that guy in the Superman costume has a rather remarkable physique – most of the actors who have played the part spent considerable time in the gym before they donned the costume.

  9. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 25 days ago

    Happy Birthday!

    (By the way, the same thing happened to me on my birthday; Google had a special Birthday Doodle which I presumed only showed up on my computer.How do they do that?)

  10. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 26 days ago

    Does Blaze’s back side look odd to anybody in the panel where BB knocks at the door? If she is standing, her robe juts out from just below her shoulders, way too high to be her hips. Just wondering.

    The way I interpreted the art, she is moving rapidly toward the door while pulling on her robe, so there is air flow under her robe while she is moving. Actually, Joe seems very good at observing everyday details of life such as that, and drawing them the way he has seen them happen.