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  1. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    Well, I wonder if Mike and Joe intended the “Brewster Rockit” reference to be a joke Tracy is making, like when he told Vera Alldid his favorite comic strip was “Fearless Fosdick.” OR, is there a Brewster Rockit in the Tracy universe, along with Daddy Warbucks, Annie, Mary Perkins and Hank from Brenda Starr?

    About Tracy’s “jurisdiction” – I’ve wondered about that before. He certainly is supposed to be a city cop, and that’s how he started out, but it wasn’t long before Gould had him on farms, up in the mountains, etc. As time went on, he traveled farther and farther from the city in pursuit of villains. He went down to the Texas oil fields to investigate a corpse in a dry well hole, and the local sheriff didn’t seem to have the necessary equipment to do the job, so they sent back to “the city”. He’s been to Hawaii and even to Cuba, and the first Space Coupe hijacking took him to a remote mesa in South Dakota, where he parachuted in all “James Bond” and went undercover as one of the crooks. An argument could be made, I suppose, that he was in cooperation with the local law enforcement in each case, but “the city” must have one huge travel budget for it’s detectives!

    Of course, “the city” itself seems to move around a bit. It is near something called “the North Woods”, it is near mountains, it is near an ocean, it is basically Chicago, but sometimes they communicate WITH Chicago. This used to drive me crazy when I first got interested in the strip, but I decided it was all part of the fun of reading Dick Tracy. (Although I freely admit, policing the Moon was (and is) over the top for me.

  2. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 3 days ago


    You asked late yesterday how “Diet” is pronounced. It is diet, like being careful what one eats. it is based on his original appearances, when it was established that his high-power, big executive life style gave him ulcers, and he was constantly shown eating strained peas and other baby foods. That was in the mid 40s, when the medical protocol for ulcers was, in fact, very bland, soft food. Today’s medical thinking on treating ulcers has changed considerably, and Diet Smith’s health doesn’t seem to be the issue it was in his early appearances. (Although, if he does still suffer from ulcers, most doctors would tell him to get rid of the cigars.)

  3. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 4 days ago

    You said. . .

    Ok, we’ve been setting this story up since departing from the scene of Nitrate and Sprockets (apparent) demise TWENTY SEVEN days ago…..good thing they don’t have to call it a wrap after 6 weeks anymore, huh?

    Except that Mike let it be known, and asked that it be posted here, that the “Annie” story starts on June 1. So, unless that is not correct information, they only have 7 weeks to let us know what this story is actually about, and then wrap it up.

  4. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 5 days ago

    Someone said it yesterday: “I don’t want to see Dick Tracy turn into a ‘super-hero’ comic strip.”

    But look at that penultimate panel. A beautiful woman in a skin-tight costume, with a cape flowing in the wind, with super zapping powers! Something no one would be surprised to find at DC or Marvel. But it sure feels foreign to Dick Tracy!

    Just my humble opinion, of course. Joe’s art is spectacular, and the colors are a joy to look at. Might as well enjoy the ride, and hope to see some more traditional Dick Tracy action in the “Annie” story coming up in June.

  5. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    I don’t care much for Vera as a character either; his “full-of-himself” attitude is unpleasant. But, in this case, what did he actually do? He approached a woman (in a somewhat unwelcome manner) and tried to ask her out. So, a simple “no, thanks” would suffice. Just because she’s “Moon Maid”, everybody falls all over themselves defending her actions, but, really, he didn’t even touch her or anything. How does that justify electrocuting the guy?

  6. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 7 days ago

    The origin of Vera’s name has been covered in this forum before; I guess you must have missed it.

    When he was born, his father, who spoke broken English, proclaimed “Vera Alldid!”, trying to say “we’re all done” – and the name stuck, as a sort of nickname.

  7. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 10 days ago

    The thing is, in this story arc, everyone knows that J. Straightedge Trustworthy is supposed to be a parody. Also, in real life, we all knew that Al Capp’s Fearless Fosdick was supposed to be a parody. But, when they came out with those silly cartoons, they were not billed as a joke. We kids thought it was going to be a real animated Dick Tracy adventure, until we saw a few of them. The opening, with the squad car racing through the city streets, was pretty cool. But, mostly Tracy just sat behind a desk and called in one of these “supporting characters” on his wrist radio. The series was a pretty good showcase for many of the classic villains, but it was not even close to a faithful adaptation of the strip.

  8. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 11 days ago

    I’ve been through that with my Aunt and my parents, although an Assisted Living Home was sufficient to meet their needs, and that is much better than a nursing home. Mom is still alive, and I can visit her any time. I did pray for you about that and your friend, as soon as I read your post.

  9. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 15 days ago

    Thank you, Neil, for taking the time to post that for us. (I think it is very interesting the way Mike and Joe appear to be merging these two comic strip universes.)

  10. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 15 days ago

    You asked:

    Was Kolossal a criminal in Annie?

    No, he was just a sort of pompous movie studio owner. He promised Annie a part in a script, had sets built and was all ready to go, until another script writer convinced him to change everything, to keep up with what he perceived as “current trends”. Then Annie was out of a job.