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  1. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy about 14 hours ago

    Is Blaze also reading a copy of “Robbing the Rails”? If so, where did she get a copy. There were four that Owen knew about: He has one, one’s in the Library of Congress, one’s in a RR museum, and one was stolen 10 years ago from the City Library. Did Pouch somehow know where the stolen copy was located?

  2. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    I see what you’re saying, but in some ways it makes no sense. What I mean is this:

    If ads bring revenue to Go Comics, and the way to get ads is to show potential advertisers how many people are looking at the site, then the “Pro” subscription is self defeating. It’s like they are saying, “Please come advertise with us. We have lots and lots of people who subscribe for $12.00 a year so they won’t see any of the ads we want you to purchase.” How does that make any sense? All I was saying is, ads are useful (sometimes I even respond, if it is something I’m interested in) – just stop making them so annoying and intrusive. If they are off to the side, and I can glance at them to see if they are about anything I’m interested in, they are fine and dandy. But when they jump in front of the content, they irritate, which I would think the advertiser would take pains to avoid. And, unless things have gone completely goofy, web sites must certainly get more revenue from advertisers than from $12.00 per year subs that block said ads.

    Maybe I will try a Pro membership; when I read about how it worked in the past, I was not comfortable with the features. Perhaps that has changed. But I still think Go Comics (or any website like it) would benefit more by having attractive, pleasantly presented ads, rather than annoying jumbles which drive people to look for ways to avoid them.

  3. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    I switched to Chrome and it removed all the annoying ads from the GoComics pages. Chrome comes with an add-on called Ad-Block-Plus. ABP is informing me that it has removed exactly 9 ads from this very page as we speak.

    I had an unrelated computer problem about a year ago, and needed to call “Geeks on Site”, a pro company to help me get back on the internet. While the fellow was here, he installed the Ad-Block that you speak of, and right this minute it is blocking 11 ads.

    Go-Comics, if you are even listening, here is my take on ads. I realize they produce revenue, and I would be more than willing to see them if they did not mess up the content of your site. In a printed newspaper, there are plenty of ads, and that is fine; it keeps the newspaper in business. One can look at the ads if one is interested, on not, as one chooses. They don’t hurt anything. On a site such as this, that would be true – until they start making the content jump all over the place, wiggle around and generally drive your readers nuts. When the ads get like that, they annoy and defeat the purpose of having them in the first place, which drives people to start using programs such as Ad- Block.

  4. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    On today’s revelation in the strip: The current crime (according to the newspaper headline and Owen’s remarks) involves the whole train car disappearing, not just a manual off-loading of the gold from the car. And we still don’t know what happened to the locomotive and the rest of the train.

  5. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    Thank you for sharing your heart, Brother. None of us are perfect (which is why we need Jesus) but you have a loving spirit. Also, we are human, and some things will annoy us, while others won’t think a thing about it. Forgiveness is key! Peace.

  6. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 3 days ago

    much like that quick drying cement, this story is lowing down at a rapid pace.. couldn’t this all have been handled in, say two or three panels with Owen giving Tracy and Sam the “Readers Digest Version” of it?

    If it had been done that way, I would almost be willing to bet that you would have been complaining about “Too much exposition, not enough action – all these characters seem to do is talk all the time” or words to that effect.

  7. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 5 days ago

    Unfortunately this story has derailed! Waaaaaaay too much time with it’s setup which will lead to a rushed ending. Oh well, can’t hit a homerun every at bat!

    If this story is allowed to continue at it’s own pace until it is all told, then we are fine – there is nothing wrong with the current pacing, and it’s all good.

    But, I remember reading here somewhere that Mike let it be known that this story was approximately 2 months long.Why he would impose such an artificial deadline on himself I can’t guess, but if that proves to be true, then I’m with you – I really hope they don’t rush the ending, after this highly interesting and entertaining set-up.

  8. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 5 days ago

    Abe looks like he’s in his twenties in panel three. That makes him in his 80’s or 90’s now. He looks pretty good for 80-90 in panel 2.

    That’s not Abe in panel 2. That is Owen, in his office, holding up his copy of Abe’s book.

  9. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    I follow your line of reasoning above, but Owen seems to be saying that the crooks unhitched the gold car from the train, and only took the car they were interested in down the old abandoned track. If that is what they did, what did they use for motive power? If you are correct, where is the rest of the train now.? We sure didn’t see any trace of it when we were down in the tunnel with Tracy and Sam. (Maybe I’m just disappointed because I hoped to see Joe’s rendering of a modern locomotive up close)

  10. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    Never heard of him before.

    The first Mugg was introduced in 1949. Tracy and Sam found him guarding his previous master’s body, in a shack after his previous master had died. The police dept sort of adopted him, and he figured in several big stories into the early 1950s. For a while, he stayed at Tracy’s house, and it was Tracy’s “automatic dog door opener” invention that led to Blowtop’s dynamiting of Tracy’s house.