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  1. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy about 13 hours ago

    I also noticed your reference to “Day in the Life” – I tried to “sing” your poem, in case you had set the whole thing to the tune of “Day in the Life”!

    Please don’t forget your prose analysis – I really enjoy when you do that, as well.

  2. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 2 days ago

    Why assume that Sam had any double entendre meaning in what he said? He was simply offering to be part of the “intelligence gathering” operation. it was Frtitz Ann (as usual) who took occasion to tease Sam by finding a double meaning in what he had said.

  3. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 3 days ago

    3) It emphasizes the difference between him and the by-the-book MCU, a noteworthy fact for any future “Annie” stories.

    You’ve touched upon something that I mentioned a while back, and it still interests me: Oliver’s “get-it-done” policy compared with Tracy, who is a police officer. Once, when Oliver popped a guy because of a snarky comment the guy made about a woman that Oliver cared about, as a daughter figure, the guy passed out. Oliver got worried, and Punjab said, “Yes, is it not a nuisance sometimes to live in so well regulated a country?” And, of course, both Punjab and Asp had ways of making foes just sort of vanish. How much of that does Tracy know, now that they are supposed to be long time friends?

  4. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 3 days ago

    Annie’s appearance stemmed more from the fact that Gray wasn’t such a great artist. There wasn’t much detail in his figures, so it was natural for them to be lacking certain curves and other more subtle features.

    True. I’ve noticed that even Gray’s grown women did not have anywhere near the curves as, say, Gould’s 40s era women, who were all very beautiful, unless they were villains like Mrs. Pruneface. Even Breathless and Sleet were “lookers”, and they were villains.

    Where Gray excelled was his depiction of rooms in mansions, or castles with secret passages, or forest and jungle settings with dense foliage – moody places, where the Sunday colors in particular enhanced his art.

    The thing that amazed me is how he did manage to convey specific facial expressions, appropriate to what was going on, even with the no pupil in the eyes art that he became famous for.

  5. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 3 days ago

    by the way, before i get jumped on for it.. please excuse my typos, i read the strip when i’m at work and i have to type quickly before my supervisor here sees me online instead of actually working lol :)

    O.K., now we are able to diagnose your problem! You are unable to actually read and enjoy the strip because you are rushing to read it while looking over your shoulder, in case your boss sees you reading a comic strip at work! Perhaps, if you could read the strip in a more relaxed setting, you would be able to relax yourself, and not be in such an all fired hurry to have the story end? It might be worth a try.

    Once, when I was in sixth grade, the school principal caught me reading a Harvey Dick Tracy comic while he was in our classroom talking to the class about something or other. I’ve got to admit, it is embarrassing!.

  6. Ken in Ohio commented on Gasoline Alley 4 days ago

    his has been a stock gag since the introduction of trains. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are not other similar (and older) gags.

    I’m sure you’re right. It was also done in the first Christopher Reeve Superman movie. But. I just recently read an article about the nightmares that train crews must live with when they hit someone trying to beat a train at a crossing. It’s not pretty; it’s probably time to retire this gag.

  7. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 4 days ago

    About the old fashioned telephone at Sunny Dell Acres. . .I remember that B.O. used to have to run down to Felton’s Barbershop if he wanted to use the phone to call Tracy or whatever. So, having a phone right in their house is a big improvement for them!

  8. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 4 days ago

    If Li’l Abner (Kadaver) is supposed to appear, he’d better do so soon, if he’s going to do it in time for Halloween!

    Late yesterday, Neil Wick posted a comment containing part of an interview with Mike and Joe, in which they specifically stated that the Annie story would be 5 months long. It started on June 1, so…

  9. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 5 days ago

    I just realized that it was you who made the original comment about “zero movement” – please see my comment to avenger09 above!

  10. Ken in Ohio commented on Dick Tracy 5 days ago

    theres been ZERO movement since Sunday

    The B-17 flew over, Tracy calmed the townsfolk while acting to convince Axel that he (Tracy) still believed the 1944 hoax, then Tracy went on the sly to clue Annie in to these developments, and Annie told Tracy of the news from the Dr.Kenyon end of things, all in 4 days – how exactly do you classify all that as “zero movement”? You may not like the movement the story is taking, but to state that there has been no movement is just false. I always try to give people room to express their opinions, but blatant misstatement of fact is something else again.