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  1. lorez1 commented on Betty 3 months ago

    Debit cards are not credit cards. They use your money from your bank account. Almost everyone here in Canada has one.

  2. lorez1 commented on Jetpack Jr. 4 months ago

    Glad to see your back.

  3. lorez1 commented on Jetpack Jr. 7 months ago

    I like your strip,just ignore the trolls. thx for the hard work.

  4. lorez1 commented on Bliss over 1 year ago

    they are just looking at the selfies of hollywoods A list stored in the cloud

  5. lorez1 commented on Reality Check over 2 years ago

    too many christians, not enough lions

  6. lorez1 commented on Last Kiss about 3 years ago

    THC supresses the formation of plack in your brain aka alzheimer’s look it up!

  7. lorez1 commented on Rubes about 3 years ago

    yeah ,hard to surf when you weigh 3 tons

  8. lorez1 commented on Cornered over 4 years ago

    God….. worst invention ever!