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  1. eepatt commented on Robert Ariail 3 days ago

    Mosquitos,, ticks, bedbugs and leeches drink blood because they need to in order to survive. Big pharma sucks our blood to enrich stockholders and executives for greed. They have found that spending resources to purchase congressman and advertising is better for their profits than spending it on research. And they do not give a $hit about helping our common good.

  2. eepatt commented on Nick Anderson 3 days ago

    There is nothing wrong with any anyone using a teleprompter to give a speech. When the republicans, Faux, rush, and friends made a big deal about Obama using a teleprompter, they strongly implied that it was because he did not understand issues and was afraid to go off script. Of course they’d not remember that when the house repubs wanted Obama to address their caucus, essentially giving them a press conference when they got to ask him questions, they arrogantly demanded it be shown live. He destroyed them, and without notes, too. They really looked bad, presenting their “talking points” in their questions. It looked amazing when his answers proved that they had less knowledge than he did on almost every issue that they raised. You notice that they did not demand that it be done again. Bottom line-Obama genuinely smart, repubs hypocrites and stupid.

  3. eepatt commented on Wizard of Id 4 months ago

    Most of our tax money goes to military spending, yet some of our soldiers’ families are eligible for food stamps. I hear people like you whining about “welfare mothers.” Maybe you should not watch so much faux news.

  4. eepatt commented on Arlo and Janis 5 months ago

    @ moon…: You have been watching too much faux gnus.

  5. eepatt commented on Arlo and Janis 5 months ago

    @jchic: You failed to mention feeding the chickens with unregulated chemical additives. You know, real republican business.

  6. eepatt commented on Betty 5 months ago

    The Cheat Sheet is a very good learning/teaching tool.“Here is a 3 X 5 index card with my initials in highlighter on it. You can handwrite (no typing or computer printing or xeroxing or photos) anything you want on it. Turn it in the last day of class. When you come in to take the final exam a few days later, I will give it to you to use during the exam. Turn it in with your final exam.” They had a few days to work on it and even ask some questions before the end of the term before turning it in. This discouraged last minute cramming the night before the exam. It also avoided the need to memorize formulas and equations, which I think is the lowest, least useful form of learning. The most common comment that I received over the years was" after making out the card, I did not need to use it because I learned what I needed just making the card."
    It worked really well for teaching chemistry.

  7. eepatt commented on Scott Stantis 5 months ago

    When I taught in Illinois, I made a lot less money than I did as an industrial chemist, but there was this pension plan which made teaching not quite so financially ruinous. I was forced to pay into the pension system every single paycheck for decades. The Illinois General Assembly legally required itself to contribute to the pension system every year. For decades, the legislature sounded like Cubs fans—“Wait till next year.” After not making the promised contribution for all those years, they are crying about greedy teachers. If you don’t pay your Visa bill for decades, you would be in deep doo-doo. The Illinois General Assembly now blames greedy teachers for the problem that they have spent years creating for themselves.

  8. eepatt commented on Steve Benson 6 months ago

    But Nader’s poll numbers never said he had a chance to win. Bernie is real and he is right for our country.

  9. eepatt commented on Lisa Benson 6 months ago

    You should change your name to “wrong minded.” You are using the typical faux nuze straw man argument. and everything in your post is wrong.

  10. eepatt commented on Overboard 6 months ago

    AAAAH! Seed catalogs. We call them “Seed Porn.” They are written by republican speech writers in the off-season. You will never see a description of a fruit or vegetable like “mediocre growth” or " average tasting" in a seed catalog.