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  1. Scotto44 commented on Gil Thorp about 4 years ago

    @Wooderson: I thought so at first, too, but I think it has only been twice. Going back to earlier in the week, we can piece the conversation together this way:

    ANITA (standing at front door): “I’m Anita from next door. Welcome to Beech Street.”

    ANITA (apparently trying again): “Anita Visci. My family lives next door.”

    MAEVE (roused from her stupor): “I’m Maeve, and I thank you for the biscuits.”

    MAEVA AGAIN (now standing in the living room, introducing Anita to Tom): “Anita Visci, my husband Tom, and that’ll be Terry.”

    Then we hear from Terry, presumably after Tom grunted some form of hello. Like all things in Milford, the whole interaction seems a bit awkward.

  2. Scotto44 commented on Gil Thorp about 4 years ago

    I can only assume that Steve will adopt the short-arm method of putting.

  3. Scotto44 commented on Gil Thorp about 4 years ago

    Hatchet: Generally a week or so before the season starts. Gil only runs 3 or 4 offensive plays, and the defense essentially lines up in the same old 4-3 set on every down. So really, the Mudlarks don’t need a whole lot of summer practice.

  4. Scotto44 commented on Gil Thorp over 4 years ago

    There are certain comments made on this site that make me giggle for no apparent reason. This is one of them. Well done.

  5. Scotto44 commented on Gil Thorp over 4 years ago

    Doublepaw: I’ve had flashbacks to “The Music Man” right from the beginning of this storyline. Well done on the reference.

  6. Scotto44 commented on Gil Thorp over 4 years ago

    Lureman: And yet I would still hit it…

  7. Scotto44 commented on Gil Thorp almost 5 years ago

    It took two comments before we had our first Dirty Sanchez reference. Impressive restraint by the commenting crew today…

  8. Scotto44 commented on Gil Thorp over 5 years ago

    Not sure which universe you’re living in, AOD, but it doesn’t resemble mine. Are there teachers like you describe? Of course, just as there are whiny, low-performing physicians, attorneys, machinists, etc, You find that in any occupation. But by and large, the teachers I know are dedicated professionals who — in my opinion, anyway — don’t get paid nearly enough for what they do and what they have to deal with every day (and usually, the problems they have to deal with have little to do with the kids they teach as much as the parents and administrators they encounter). As a father of five kids attending a great public school district, I tip my cap to all teachers and what they do.

    More importantly, Hobart’s clenched fist in P3 today shows he’s an Evil Guy Who Means Business. Now I just wish Rubin and Whigham would give him a full beard to cement his bad guy status, a la Mark Trail.