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  1. mafastore commented on Herb and Jamaal 6 days ago

    No one seems to say said they bought mp3s – who did you mean?

  2. mafastore commented on Arlo and Janis 13 days ago

    Depends whether or not they qualify for UI. If either of them owned a piece of the place they might not qualify as owners are not entitled to UI, even though they have to pay it on themselves, if the business closure was done voluntarily. For example – Gus owns a corporation. He has been drawing salary, he shuts it down. He cannot collect UI even though he has paid in. Gus owns a business, a hurricane hits and puts him out of business, he may be entitled to business. Gus and his daughter are partners in a business. They are not employees. If it is closed down for any reason, no UI as they are not employees.

  3. mafastore commented on Herb and Jamaal 13 days ago

    Never replaced my LPs (or 45s or 33s) as I can’t stand digital music. It does not sound right. One can still buy record players and needles. One has been able to buy LPs all along as, depending on the performer, many performers insisted that they be issued that way also. I have since found out that others think that digital music is too, for want of a better word, metallic sounding, and that analog music- records – is much warmer.

  4. mafastore commented on Arlo and Janis 20 days ago

    World War I (or the Great War as it was called) was not the first world war. That happened in the 1700’s, in the US we call it the French and Indian War, elsewhere it was called the Seven Year War and it involved countries all over the globe – including in eastern Asia.

  5. mafastore commented on Arlo and Janis 20 days ago

    On “Friends” there were several episodes where they watched TV – the one where they get free porn, the one where Joey is suppose to be on Law and Order…

    On “Married with Children” they watch a lot of TV – Psycho Dad is on a lot. Al spends his entire vacation watching TV. He watches Hondo (a movie). etc.

    And don’t forget George Burns – he watches the show he is on to know what everyone else is doing when he is not with them!

  6. mafastore commented on Arlo and Janis 20 days ago

    Have you heard about the new studies of what is in preground coffee? Look it up, it might stop you from drinking same.

  7. mafastore commented on Arlo and Janis 20 days ago

    Too old a song to be dirty.

  8. mafastore commented on The Buckets 27 days ago

    School here does not start until after Labor Day. I was shocked to find out it is not the same all over. August is summer, one is not suppose to go to school then.

    Everything creeps forward in retail. The past two years back to school started, literally, the week after school ended.

    I personally always loved back to school. School was so much better than vacation, which was boring. Now I love it as I stock up on office supplies at really cheap rates.

  9. mafastore commented on Arlo and Janis 27 days ago

    True story – we were going someplace out of state. We looked up where to eat along the road and had a specific MdDonalds noted as in correct place. (Diabetic and must eat on schedule.)

    We were heading west, McD on south side of road. We got to the exit and at bottom of ramp GPS said to turn right (north) at light. Told husband to turn left, we turned right. GPS sent us 3 blocks north, had us turn right, go one block, turn right and sent us to where street ends at original road we were on. It then had us make a Uturn, then turn into the back of a shopping center, drive around the edge of the stores, and go into the front parking lot. This put us adjacent to the road we had turned onto originally. It then told us to turn, yes, left onto the road to head south. Unfortunately it was too large a road to turn left onto and we had to wait sometime and then make an unsafe turn, all because he listened to the GPS and not me.

    This particular GPS seems to like to send us through parking lots and has done so several times. We no longer use it.

  10. mafastore commented on Arlo and Janis about 1 month ago

    Strangely today I read in the Long Island, NY paper that they are reinvesting the case against the guards at the Attica riot.