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  1. mafastore commented on Baldo 9 days ago

    Hit send too quickly – around here school doesn’t end until the end of June. They are still not finished with the state Regents exams – required in high school, let alone school finals.

  2. mafastore commented on Baldo 9 days ago

    I agree. I used to hate summer vacation. Mom would come up with ideas and take us to beach. School was so much better, I loved school.

    In the summer the big thing for me was the summer reading program at the library. I would read a couple of books a day (yes, a couple of books a day) and return in a week for my reward from the program I had signed up for. The idea was to encourage children to read over the summer and I would complete it in a week. They would not believe me. Then there was the book assortment problem. They would be upset as I had not read any fiction books, only non-fiction and I would argue, err, point out to them that non-fiction was much better than fiction as one learns from it.. Yes, another of life’s disappointments – the school summer reading program.

  3. mafastore commented on Ben 16 days ago

    Never have gone to one. And I wouldn’t now – since we had bed bugs – garage sales are a real good place to get same. Ickkkkkk!

  4. mafastore commented on Lola 23 days ago

    Butter? I never heard of butter on a pop tart.

  5. mafastore commented on Lola 23 days ago

    Why do kids in comics always have school end so early? Some of the comics seem to even have the kids getting out of school for summer in May. Around here school goes until the end of June and then starts the Wed after Labor Day.

  6. mafastore commented on Rose is Rose 23 days ago

    Husband ran a special ed program that served as school for the children. His teaching (and counseling) staff were paid in excess of $100,000 a year and he had trouble hiring people as that was too far below what the local school districts pay. He made less as executive director than the teachers did.

    Schools here are 10 months not 9 – school goes to the end of June (which always surprises me when kids in comics have their school end a month earlier) and starts the Wednesday after Labor Day.

    It is amazing to me that there are schools that only have classes 9 months a year and end so early in the spring.

  7. mafastore commented on Lola about 1 month ago

    Last time I had a poptart there were not microwaves around to cook them!

    Definitely raw is better.

  8. mafastore commented on The Buckets about 1 month ago

    Is this a weekend camp for Memorial Day (I am presuming this is a US comic)?

    School doesn’t end for almost another month so how can it be for the summer?

  9. mafastore commented on Arlo and Janis about 1 month ago

    Sit tight, does not mean to sit comfortably, but to stay in the place they are, even if they are not sitting.

    As a 1770’s reenactor sleep tight is a based on the idea of making sure the ropes on ones bed is tight although not in the literal sense of checking before going to bed.

    Sit tight is a much newer phrase.

    Anne Everymon, I was born in the year 17and 35. My parents did name me after Good Queen Anne, the last British Monarch before the German Georges!

  10. mafastore commented on Arlo and Janis about 1 month ago

    Having had bedbugs in 2009, I can tell you that hotels are only one source of them.

    Libraries – people take stuff home, it sits around in their house, bed bugs like paper it is comfy, they take the stuff back to the library – you take it out or read it in the library and take home bed bugs.

    Theaters (plays much more so than movie theaters, but both are possible) – especially ones with more than one performance a day – bb’s like to be where people are sleeping as that is when they feed – actors and staff take naps between performances…

    Cardboard boxes, especially corrugated, paper items, fabric items, all are sources of bedbugs as they like same.

    Apartments and offices – when same are treated if all adjacent units are not treated at the same time the bbs go into the other units instead of dying,

    People’s homes.


    Any place there are people – they can have them on their clothes and transfer them to your clothes, floors, seats, etc.

    In our case we had not been in a hotel for almost a year before we had them. Our best guess is that I got them at a business client when I was in his office which was in an apartment building.

    Or when my sister who had not mentioned that her apartment building always had problems with them and I gave her a ride in my car – which when tested our car had them also.

    Ohio has 8 cities with bed bug problems, so don’t think it is just NYC.

    In Janis’ case she probably does not have them as they bite when one is asleep. The even breathing while one sleeps is what attracts them. Often when one is bitten overnight one does not know as the horrible,horrible itch may not show up until hours late. When we had them I thought I was being bitten during the day as that is when the bites showed up – and husband asleep next to me was not bitten for a couple of months (yes, due to the pattern of when the itching started each day it took us that long to figure it out). Then again getting rid of them was so much work, cost so much (1/4 of our income for the year) and involved so much rearranging of our stuff for treatment (anything which can burn, melt, or explode has to be taken out of the house, anything fabric – and I sew – has to be heated on high heat in the dryer for 50 minutes and then sealed in a plastic bag until after the house is treated, anything which can break or fly around – like those papers on the fridge – have to be packed or otherwise stored, then strange men come into your house – you leave and they have full run of everything of value and privacy in your house as you can take only the clothes you are wearing which you heated in the dryer the night before and kept in a bag until you put them on) that I would be sorely tempted to just let them keep biting us as I am not sure which is worse. Our house is still not back together yet. Oh, and don’t throw anything out or you spread them. And yes, we are still sleeping on our same mattress as it was treated and then we sealed it in a cover made for this.

    We no longer go to anyone’s house (people insist they don’t have any bbs, as I would have before I found out I did, and I have pointed out to some of them who said this shortly after we had them, that they were at high risk for them as we had been there while we had them!