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  1. l84lnup commented on Gary Varvel 4 months ago

    as usual liberals try to frame the argument with the absurd. he would have used a bomb probably killing twice as many

  2. l84lnup commented on Michael Ramirez about 1 year ago

    as usual ted you ignore facts that you don’t want to hear. the sanctions were working, their economy was on the verge of collapse and obama just gave them billions for nothing

  3. l84lnup commented on Henry Payne about 2 years ago

    you are correct. but don’t forget no business pays taxes, all the taxes and expenses are passed to the consumer. so every time you punish the evil business with higher taxes you are just hurting the little guy.

  4. l84lnup commented on Ken Catalino about 2 years ago

    it seems you have great difficulty determining the difference between What God wants and what the church wants. all churches are man made. even the holy books of all religions were written by man, not the hand of god. it was a counsel in Nisea that determined which books would be in the new testament and which would be discarded. man not God.

  5. l84lnup commented on Robert Ariail about 2 years ago

    then you should take off your o bama ear muffs and widen you viewing to more than the comic section. whip out a copy of the constitution and actually read it. the president does not have the power to change or write laws, only congress does. he has changed health care over 20 times to avoid a public up rising. he has refused to enforce laws mandated by congress, also not within his powers.

  6. l84lnup commented on Michael Ramirez about 2 years ago

    what seems to be missing in the learned replies is the fact no business of any size pays taxes, the customers always pay the tax. all prices are jacked up to cover a businesses tax and other expenses. every time you liberals try punishing the earners you punish the poor. the cost is always passed to the consumer. and what satisfaction does punishing these companies give you? how does it better your lives. you know a philosophy of hate and envy is an empty life.

  7. l84lnup commented on Michael Ramirez about 2 years ago


  8. l84lnup commented on Michael Ramirez about 2 years ago

    why are you so hateful and violent?

  9. l84lnup commented on Lisa Benson over 2 years ago

    as usual truth escapes you, bush had the war in hand and was defeating the terrorists. the big o has run away and let them flourish

  10. l84lnup commented on Michael Ramirez over 2 years ago

    as opposed to theres a crisis wellll i must attend yet another fund raiser