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  1. greatgrannyszoo commented on Fred Basset 6 days ago

    My doxie does that takes out of bowl sniffs it then eats it waits 5 mins then finishes other wise the beagel will finish it for him…I have a cat the loves to over eat and tosses it back up hubby always steps in it..

  2. greatgrannyszoo commented on Thatababy 10 days ago

    Wish I had something like that when the boys were small.
    never could get them to clean up floor in bedrooms.. reason I got was they didn’t want some one to come in and steal them… need it at the door not the window….always stepped on something…

  3. greatgrannyszoo commented on Thatababy 11 days ago

    My kids ate the marshmallows and left the cereal.

  4. greatgrannyszoo commented on Rose is Rose 11 days ago

    Did anyone ever notice that when you are with your parents you become a kid again..???? missing mine.

  5. greatgrannyszoo commented on Fred Basset 12 days ago

    yup a very long time

  6. greatgrannyszoo commented on Dog Eat Doug 12 days ago

    Mine is his snoring not his grumbling

  7. greatgrannyszoo commented on Thatababy 13 days ago

    Sorry not fair New Jersey has lots of stuff to see. Weehawkin’s were the duel between Hamilton and Burr took place.
    Delaware water gap very pretty in fall. The Jersey shore boardwalks. I’m from Jersey….

  8. greatgrannyszoo commented on Drabble 14 days ago

    My cats are declawed and still swat the dogs when they try to get into bowls so now move bowls up on washer and dryer. now the dog swat them if bowl not cleaned right away..

  9. greatgrannyszoo commented on Drabble 17 days ago

    My father bought a 6 pack of beer and was carded. He was 73. totally gray. Came home and told me about it.. He has never been carded before…Boy was he proud… I had a good laugh never told him that the store more then likely got caught selling beer to a minor. He was thrilled that is all the matters….

  10. greatgrannyszoo commented on Nancy 18 days ago

    Sounds like mine in morning when they want there food . waits at bedroom door to remind me to hurry up…