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  1. Niall-Can commented on Endtown 1 day ago

    I was going to go with “An eggcellent plan!” but I see Jenner (of course) and others have already out-punned me…

  2. Niall-Can commented on My Cage 1 day ago

    Thank you very much, Ed and Melissa, for sharing your creation with (hopefully) more people through GoComics! Three years of toil and trouble and fun, and it’s yours. I’ll be keeping an eye here just in case. :)

  3. Niall-Can commented on My Cage 4 days ago

    It’s a logical resolution. If you’re there because of one person, and that person leaves, then there’s no more point…

  4. Niall-Can commented on My Cage 6 days ago

    It was a fun second ride, especially with creator comments, but both writer and artist have moved on, and would need to be paid since they’re making a living at this… ah well.

  5. Niall-Can commented on My Cage about 1 month ago

    It may not have been canon, but at least it was in print for one panel. :) So, o guardians of the continuity, how many strips left?

  6. Niall-Can commented on My Cage 4 months ago

    Jeff is what I could have been, had not a few friends steered me properly a while ago. So I can’t hate him at all. Just add the comic exaggeration for a strip… :)

  7. Niall-Can commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 4 months ago

    You mean a coupe… la tĂȘte!

  8. Niall-Can commented on Endtown 5 months ago

    It’s Friday for ME – I’m away for a week. Augh!!!

  9. Niall-Can commented on My Cage 5 months ago

    Heh, great expression in panel 2 there. Kudos to Melissa (many years ago now).

  10. Niall-Can commented on My Cage 6 months ago

    A quick peek at why Norm tolerates Ashley’s antics… she does understand him.