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  1. moe_the_cat commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 4 days ago

    When these guys blow money like that I always think “That’s 200K he doesn’t have anymore”.
    I wouldn’t leave that shirt at the dry cleaners though, imagine them explaining how it “shrunk”

  2. moe_the_cat commented on Wide Open 7 days ago

    I think you just created the concept for the next Charles Band movie

  3. moe_the_cat commented on Daddy's Home 7 days ago

    About all I remember was a pinball machine called “Gorgar” it was touted as the first to incorporate digital stuff.
    Never fed a machine another quarter after that.
    I always liked the analog clicking and dinging and the rolling of the yellowed numbers on the score board.

  4. moe_the_cat commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 9 days ago

    That’s Memorial Day. Armistice Day (or Veteran’s Day) should be a day to celebrate the duty of those that served and are still with us.
    I do agree about it not being a day for shopping for silly appliances and drapes.

  5. moe_the_cat commented on Skippy 12 days ago

    Yep, lath plaster and horse hair

  6. moe_the_cat commented on Random Acts of Nancy 14 days ago

    One more day and I would be 5 months old.
    Time gets by fast!

  7. moe_the_cat commented on F Minus 22 days ago

    I hear it has an attachment for spear fishing

  8. moe_the_cat commented on The Other Coast 22 days ago

    We spent our lives collecting useless trivia only to discover with the advent of Google that about half of it was wrong.

  9. moe_the_cat commented on Working It Out 23 days ago

    He could be a student of the ancient ones like Cobol and Fortran.

  10. moe_the_cat commented on Random Acts of Nancy 24 days ago

    Nice Citation there DavEdsel!