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  1. moe_the_cat commented on F Minus 3 days ago

    The trouble with the future is that when it gets here it’s all old news

  2. moe_the_cat commented on Skippy 4 days ago

    That’s the old joke of getting a kid to stop banging on a drum. Give him a knife and let him find out what’s making the noise inside.
    Now we see the aftermath

  3. moe_the_cat commented on The Other Coast 5 days ago

    Like an old book, you have to convince the dog it’s valuable and not to touch it.
    That guarantees destruction

  4. moe_the_cat commented on F Minus 6 days ago

    It won’t help you justify a handicapped parking spot however

  5. moe_the_cat commented on Farcus 18 days ago

    “…and whatever else you do, don’t look down!”

  6. moe_the_cat commented on One Big Happy 18 days ago

    Naps should have their own holiday.

    Every day in fact

  7. moe_the_cat commented on Brevity 21 days ago

    Apparently he’s not as shovel ready as we thought

  8. moe_the_cat commented on Random Acts of Nancy about 1 month ago

    Talk about feeling old, I remember when the listings in TV Guide went from pointing out that the program would be in color to when they started pointing out that the programs would be in black and white

  9. moe_the_cat commented on Random Acts of Nancy about 1 month ago

    “Nancy, with everything in suspension”.
    Take that Dali!

  10. moe_the_cat commented on Alley Oop about 1 month ago

    Since the war is on they can at least get a chuckle out of the old joke: “In case of an air raid run to RKO. They haven’t had a hit in years.”