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  1. moe_the_cat commented on The Meaning of Lila about 19 hours ago

    Shows how old I am, when I read that my first thought was “Burma Shave”

  2. moe_the_cat commented on Skippy 5 days ago

    Mom’s going to be upset when she finds “Ferret” has been knicking the horsehair out of the davenport!

  3. moe_the_cat commented on Free Range 6 days ago

    Darn squeaky wheel. Hey Ogg, take that club and grease him willya?

  4. moe_the_cat commented on Alley Oop 11 days ago

    I don’t think Phil Hartmann was even born yet

  5. moe_the_cat commented on Free Range 11 days ago

    I annoy the wife with something like this every time we go in a place with a “no checks” sign.
    I say; “What’s next? No Poles or Yugoslavs?”
    It was funny the first time, 50,000 times later, just to me

  6. moe_the_cat commented on Nancy 12 days ago

    If you want to spend a day living in the past check out this site of a lot of old tv themes.


    Warning, it’s very addictive

  7. moe_the_cat commented on Cow and Boy Classics 12 days ago

    Or the time you sat on a fire ant mound.
    Oh wait, that’s right now

  8. moe_the_cat commented on The Other Coast 12 days ago

    On the other end of the scale, the 10 pounders all see themselves as German Shepherds.
    Had a Pekingese that would take on a locomotive if he thought he could whip it

  9. moe_the_cat commented on Jane's World 12 days ago

    Shades of George Kennedy from Thunderbolt and Lightfoot.
    Nicely done Paige

  10. moe_the_cat commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 18 days ago

    Gerbil: $2.99
    Gerbil Whisperer: $110,000 per year