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Real Life Adventures

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  1. anniebodyhome commented on Loose Parts 4 days ago

    At least he got his hook, he might’ve gotten a book.

  2. anniebodyhome commented on For Better or For Worse 4 days ago

    Well said!

  3. anniebodyhome commented on Mike du Jour 4 days ago

    As someone that managed cashiers for twenty years, I say, “Thank You So Much!” So many act like the person checking them out have no feelings. While many cashiers could use help achieving something resembling “customer service”, many more are really striving to do a good job of it.
    I’ll never forget the time we were short handed and so busy (there was a concert up the street) and I was giving a cashier a break. I was being harangued by an angry man about something I had no control over. He started with the prices and ended with my skin color. I have never felt so relieved as I did when one of our regular customers started yelling back at him from the crowd in my defense.
    Thank you too, Mr. Lester, for shining a light on this, and giving me a good laugh too!

  4. anniebodyhome commented on The Creeps 4 days ago


  5. anniebodyhome commented on Pluggers 4 days ago

    Love the avocado fridge!

  6. anniebodyhome commented on Banana Triangle 4 days ago

    !ah, aH

  7. anniebodyhome commented on Reply All Lite 5 days ago

    that’s a keeper!

  8. anniebodyhome commented on Chuckle Bros 17 days ago

    Really? I thought they were outstanding in their field.

  9. anniebodyhome commented on Chuckle Bros 18 days ago

    Absent from Sunday school now, absent from somewhere else later…

  10. anniebodyhome commented on Banana Triangle 18 days ago

    Bacne advisory!!!