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  1. P Partridge commented on Clear Blue Water about 2 years ago

    Not a big deal…I’ve been getting “Sir”-ed since I was 15

  2. P Partridge commented on Frazz about 2 years ago

    In most cases, I have no problems with bike riders on the road (would actually be one if I had a bike and if there was a direct route to my work that didn’t involve the freeway), but there are a few who I’ve seen run stop signs and even stop lights. Drivers need to understand that, in most cases, bikers are actually supposed to be on the road instead of the sidewalks. The only exception really is when the “sidewalk” is actually a designated bike path, which is the case in a few parts of town along the busier roadways, and in that case, it does get frustrating when a biker is in the road instead of the bike path that goes right along side it…but, still, that’s the minority here.

    Either way, the worst was when I saw a clearly intoxicated biker talking to a police officer after an outdoor concert, and he asked the officer if it was legal to ride his bike drunk, and the officer told him it was, so he went and did it anyways. Just because something’s legal doesn’t mean it’s smart or safe!

  3. P Partridge commented on Beardo about 2 years ago

    Alright, I love this comic, but didn’t Beardo have a similar bit when the last iPhone came out?

    Not complaining, since it still works…just that I seem to remember something like this.

  4. P Partridge commented on MythTickle about 2 years ago

    So many levels on this comic…and, I also wonder…is that TARDIS bigger on the inside?

  5. P Partridge commented on For Better or For Worse about 2 years ago

    We used to have to run three laps around the track outside our school (around a mile total length) before recess every day, but could do it at our own rate. Either way, this coach is just too tough, especially since the best judge of whether you’re running a good pace (and not too hard) is by making sure you could still talk without gasping too much for air.

  6. P Partridge commented on Cleats about 2 years ago

    Is it just me, or do they seem a lot smaller/younger than normal today?

  7. P Partridge commented on Pearls Before Swine about 2 years ago

    Hey, we’ve had you over here on the East side of the state for years and you never say anything good about us! But, when the Governor is involved, then it all changes…just like with police chases.

  8. P Partridge commented on Clear Blue Water about 2 years ago

    I always wondered how young Time Lords could regenerate…though I guess it does show River Song regenerate as a child at one point.

  9. P Partridge commented on MythTickle over 2 years ago

    Anyone else notice how Boody doesn’t seem to be as…dead…today?

  10. P Partridge commented on Truth Facts over 2 years ago

    …that’s two comics today about how “evil” dieticians view white bread…