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  1. saywhatwhat commented on Steve Benson 3 months ago

    I fear this is wishful thinking. … we can hope though.

  2. saywhatwhat commented on Jeff Danziger 4 months ago

    What a difference a month makes. I know Ryan had it in him. (They are both going to hell… if there was such a thing.)

  3. saywhatwhat commented on Bloom County 7 months ago

    The computer problem with year 2000 had it’s roots before Microsoft left the garage (or where ever it was born).

  4. saywhatwhat commented on Candorville 7 months ago

    Or perhaps watching TV?

  5. saywhatwhat commented on Candorville 7 months ago

    I was over 60 when I started learning classical guitar. I wish I had started earlier, but am glad I started. For a good place to start lessons, look for “Trevor Maurice” on YouTube.

  6. saywhatwhat commented on Steve Benson 7 months ago

    I think the GOP establishment is resigned to another Clinton Presidency. After all, the last one didn’t hurt them much and it will give the rabble in the party something to keep them busy. How it will all affect the Senate and House probably is more of a concern.

  7. saywhatwhat commented on Robert Ariail 7 months ago

    I missed the debate. Actually all of them. I could find them on Youtube I guess, but why would I want to?

  8. saywhatwhat commented on Jeff Danziger 7 months ago

    It does make a lot of thoughtful people wonder what this country is coming to. Is that what you meant. A lot of Democrats are actually looking forward to a very easy general election.

  9. saywhatwhat commented on La Cucaracha 7 months ago

    You used a few too many words. It should read, “Overpopulation is the most basic problem…” O course it isn’t really a problem for “the world”, just for people (and a lot of animals… oh, and plants) the world will go on for a long time, no matter what we do. But I’m sure you know that and now I’m the one using too many words.

  10. saywhatwhat commented on Steve Benson 7 months ago

    What an intelligent comment./sarcasm. The Republican Party had a chance to find someone qualified. They didn’t manage it. The Democrats have two qualified candidates available. (Actually three, Biden too would do a better job than anything the Republicans have to offer.)