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  1. jayman63 commented on Pat Oliphant over 3 years ago

    ahab…do you really think that “rapists, thugs, criminals or terrorists” get their guns legally? no amount of laws will solve that issue. your point is “FAIL”.

  2. jayman63 commented on Matt Bors over 3 years ago

    the radish is a little over-fertilized, the NRA does not want “nuts” shooting anyone. nice try, though.

  3. jayman63 commented on Jack Ohman over 3 years ago

    what common sense? banning something that 99% of the people who own one, do so without killing anyone.

  4. jayman63 commented on Stone Soup over 4 years ago

    yes! i always knew that they had self-awareness!

  5. jayman63 commented on Non Sequitur over 4 years ago

    if only it really existed, the world would be a better place.