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  1. Donald Ostrem commented on Big Nate 11 days ago

    Like they say, Revenge is best served cold! Good one, Mr. Peirce!

  2. Donald Ostrem commented on Garfield 11 days ago

    Yes folks, Sir Rodney is a mouse! For certainly he is not a man in the Wizard of Id!

  3. Donald Ostrem commented on Prickly City 11 days ago

    Wow! Hunni Bunny is with the times, isn’t she? I believe that chicken restaurant went out of business close to 20 years ago. Yep, those are libs.

  4. Donald Ostrem commented on Momma 11 days ago

    No, this isn’t the wizard. This is some guy that wants to hit on Mrs. Sonya Hobbs. The real wizard wears a black coat with a star and cresent on it. Mr. Johhnie Hart would be proud. Thank you Mr. Lazarus!

  5. Donald Ostrem commented on Dick Tracy 11 days ago

    Isn’t Kandikane a little too young for Vitamin? Maybe, Maybe not. Anyway, I don’t know what is going through Kandikane’s head & I hope it’s for whatever money Vitamin’s got.

  6. Donald Ostrem commented on Diamond Lil 11 days ago

    Man! I love these puns! C’mon, Mr. Koth, I want a collection of past “Diamond Lil” strips hopefully real soon!

  7. Donald Ostrem commented on Diamond Lil 11 days ago

    Nice tribute, indeed! Maybe Herman should spend some time with the Spook, eh?

  8. Donald Ostrem commented on Wizard of Id 11 days ago

    Happy Birthday “Wizard Of Id” citizens! Mr. Johnnie Hart would be proud if he were here today. Anyway, has anyone check the dungeon where the spook is? Beetle Bailey! He’s there because he call Sarge a “FINK!” The Walkers had to do their salute to this great strip also. At least the Spook has company for right now!

  9. Donald Ostrem commented on Dick Tracy 15 days ago

    I guess Vitamin is feeling his oats ever since this candy cane obsessed girl kissed him! Be careful guys & watch out for Gruesome!

  10. Donald Ostrem commented on Heavenly Nostrils 16 days ago

    Phoebe’s right! This is discrimination! There’s a golf club that won’t allow women (Ok, I believe they have only 2 women to play golf there now.) there. Phoebe, you have to contact the ACLU and charge this unicorns for “kid discrimination.” Enough said!