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  1. Donald Ostrem commented on Dick Tracy 12 days ago

    Great Story, Mr. Staton & Mr. Curtis! This comics still surprises me as it did back in the late 1970’s reading "Dick Tracy’ in NYC’s “Daily News!”
    I feel bad for Sprocket because she feels like she lost her brother, even though he abused her in the past. I can tell you that Sprocket is a “Wild One” when she faces the cops. Anyway, I think Silver is alive, but who knows? Maybe he and his sis will do their time in jail and become reformed (Maybe) due to that bumb on Silver’s head courtesy on Candican Lane.

  2. Donald Ostrem commented on Maria's Day 17 days ago

    On Grandpa’s TV, the TV is still black & white.

  3. Donald Ostrem commented on Diamond Lil 17 days ago

    That HOWard is a very special person & he gets funnier every time he appears in the strip!

  4. Donald Ostrem commented on Diamond Lil 17 days ago


  5. Donald Ostrem commented on Diamond Lil 17 days ago

    I guess Howard decided to let ALL of his horses out so they could play doing his. Hang in there, Howard! You will knock the girls dead!

  6. Donald Ostrem commented on Dick Tracy 23 days ago

    Those Nitrates are crazy murderers, but they are no “Punch and Judy” or "Joker & Harley Quinn. Let’s face it. Silver & Sprocket might have a pet hyena (In which I like), but these 2 siblings don’t have a bizarre sense of humor as Mr. J. or Harley. These guys like hanging out at movie theaters and scamming people, along with bodily harm to their victims.
    The Nitrates are unique in every way. Heck, even Sprocket doesn’t wear any shoes! I mean, what’s going to make this girl to wear footwear? Maybe running away from Dick Tracy & the crew while she’s running in broken auto glass while running through one foot of snow! Who knows? Sprocket might get gangrene and get her feet cut off one day!

  7. Donald Ostrem commented on Glenn McCoy 23 days ago

    Sir, you have nailed it on the head! History DOES repeat itself, so I guess all of us conservatives need to prepare for the nasty weather coming on us. This country still has TIME to change it for the better, I think.

  8. Donald Ostrem commented on Dick Tracy 24 days ago

    My fear is that would Vitamin will have his demise right now? We had one surprise already with Sprocket getting rid of Mrs. Flatop with that film can. Will Kandi survive this too. Meanwhile, The Nitrates’ are thinking “The future is so bright, I got to wear shades!” Thank u TimBuck3!

  9. Donald Ostrem commented on Maria's Day 24 days ago

    Mr. Nimoy was one great man and actor. I remember watching the show “In search of” when I was a kid growing up in the 1970’s. This comic was quick to be sent out too.

  10. Donald Ostrem commented on Fort Knox about 1 month ago

    The general will cook? Is he going to be like how General Halftrack cooks? The general needs to find a “Cookie” to let the Knox family what real “military cooking is.” Maybe this general should reserve himself as a butler like how the Services Squadron Commander & Base Commander in Alaska did this every month when it came to a Airman’s birthday meal.