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  1. Donald Ostrem commented on Non Sequitur 24 days ago

    It seems to amazes me that about 12 years ago, that Mr. Wiley Miller (the 2015 Reuben winner), put a quote from the New Testament in the 2002 9/11/2002 comic. Well, it seems to me, Mr. Wiley has gone atheist on me.

    Mr Wiley, is a great cartoonist, but he’s all wrong about that all religions are bad and the people are stupid. To me, the Jewish people and Christians are still around and Jewish people want to go to their homeland after thousands of years.

    Listen, I’ve had 3 and more MIRICLES (Sorry, I can’t find spell check on this thing while I am writing you) in my life and I think my savior, Jesus Christ and God did it! You can believe what you want to and that’s why our God gave ALL OF US FREE WILL. I don’t what to go into an afterlife in which I’m a fly or a worm, or eternal punishment, but I want to see my loved ones (All of my loving family) in heaven. I’ve read the Koran & studied other religions and Protestant Christianity fits the bill! In Chapter one of the Torah & Old Testament (Genesis) it states, “Let US MAN in our own image.” Thus, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It seems everything in that Bible is coming true and it’s not vague!

    After this comment, I know I’m going to get a lot of hateful messages and anger on this, but I think this is your heart and soul and God doesn’t want nothing more but your soul. Your soul is priceless!

    Oh yeah, listen to country singer’s (Kix Brookes and Ronnie Dunn’s ) song in which it states about a young white boy being befriended by an old Black man in which the Black man dies while the boy is in college. “Don’t tell me there’s no life after this!” “The words are written in RED” & “Life doesn’t end in a slow car ride!”

    Rev. Franklin Graham is setting up a fund for those 2 Oregon Bakers to pay off that $135,000 fine that Oregon judge put on them. God’s word will always be forever and your atheism will pass away, but the Bible will never will!

  2. Donald Ostrem commented on Fort Knox 24 days ago

    Hey, Mondo is just like my dog, Peek-a-Boo! So far, she’s made an impression on my couch and on my floor!

  3. Donald Ostrem commented on Fort Knox 24 days ago

    Hey, if a cat like Tom (From Tom & Jerry) can inherit 1 million dollars, why not a silly looking dog?

  4. Donald Ostrem commented on Drabble 24 days ago

    This is good! Now I just Wendy would’ve been there instead of Echo. I would like to see Wendy as a “clown” in this strip one fine day because she a part of the “gang of idiots” and she’s been tormenting poor Norman after all these years. Hey, what goes around, comes around, but this is just humor.

  5. Donald Ostrem commented on Dick Tracy 24 days ago

    It’s good to see the Mole again, but I hope and pray the Mole NEVER go bad again! He has a future wife (I hope) and a kid that loves him. Having a good family beats crime any day!

  6. Donald Ostrem commented on Diamond Lil 24 days ago

    Boy! I hope this strip made it on the Facebook friends to show to all of my friends!

  7. Donald Ostrem commented on Dick Tracy 26 days ago

    I argree, B-B eyes looks sinister and up to no good when he’s talking on the phone. Oh and another thing. I hope Doubleup won’t be killed in the future, the future! I am not tired of him because he’s a new villian and I think he fits the mold in Dick Tracy’s “Rogues’ Gallery.”

    To me, Double-up looks to me like a big, strong man that works for the mob (Something like the Russian Mob). He’s good at using a rope to strangling people like he’s a hangman (Just like what he to to Hy Pressure a few months back). Heck, B-B eyes has been around for the 1930’s and he’s still a pain for Dick Tracy after all these years.

    One more thing. Doubleup has those eyebrows that looks like he’s up to no good and devilish. His bodily features show the reader “He’s a bad guy.” If Doubleup was a cowboy, he would wear a black hat, a black hat!

  8. Donald Ostrem commented on Working Daze 30 days ago

    Yes, I think Sal is guilty by association (Just by being there with Melvin), but he shouldn’t been turned into a rooster. Maybe something above the animal chain. Also, I Sal is not a bad guy. Yes, he has his faults (In which he does dumb things), but he’s no MCP when it comes to women. Let’s all the girls (Most of them) here want a male hunk. It’s too bad Sal can’t be a “Nice old age kind of guy” , but it would be fun if someone like him could be, look, or act like Sean Connery.

  9. Donald Ostrem commented on Diamond Lil about 1 month ago

    I had to respond to this one! Stupid looks like a half of a ham (minus the feathers & feet) found in the fridge. Oh yeah, Stupid, you are such a ham!!! LOL & stupid will be back tomorrow, shiny & new & stupid~

  10. Donald Ostrem commented on Diamond Lil about 1 month ago

    Well, Spring’s here and the thing that sucks the joy of this moment is Spring Cleaning. No doubt.