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  1. Donald Ostrem commented on Diamond Lil 12 days ago

    Maybe Lil also has a power generator (Solar Powered) to keep her brewskis cold in case if Turkey Knuckle, IN has a power shortage or if the power grid goes haywire. Lil is always prepared!

  2. Donald Ostrem commented on Diamond Lil 15 days ago

    I love this strip! I want a book, I hope soon!

  3. Donald Ostrem commented on Nick Anderson 15 days ago

    I have mixed feeling of the stars and bars. I feel like it should be taken down from SC’s state capital (We don’t want to think of the South US as a bunch of people who want to hang every foreigner here), BUT, I feel the CSA monument and flag should be displayed BESIDE THE HISTORY OF BLACK PEOPLE IN SC! Maybe, it should should tell the world that all human races or EQUAL, but we are different in specific ways. I have never seen Bo and Luke Duke drive in the General Lee (I liked the stars and bars on the roof of that Kool aid orange Dodge), but these guys NEVER LYNCHED ANY BLACK PEOPLE! These “wild eyed southern boys” were good!

    Any racists (Black, white, red, yellow, and polka-dot) should be rounded up, put in a UNPADDED CELL, and let these A**holes kill each other! That’s fine with me and the world would be a better place!

  4. Donald Ostrem commented on Dick Tracy 18 days ago

    This Mr. Kleen guy, aren’t you concerned you might be sued by the other Mr. Clean guy, Joe and Mike (From yesterday’s strip)?

  5. Donald Ostrem commented on Drabble 20 days ago

    Maybe Honeybunch gets turned on with those UPS guys in their tight, brown shorts!

  6. Donald Ostrem commented on Drabble 20 days ago

    Maybe you should learn how to get “the glare” from Diamond Lil, Ralph! Now that would do some damage!

  7. Donald Ostrem commented on Drabble 20 days ago

    Hey, what about the ending to the Disney movie, “Ol’ Yeller?” I don’t think Ralph would shot is dog if he got rabies!

  8. Donald Ostrem commented on Diamond Lil 20 days ago

    Warning! Warning! Dumb bird with spatula! Warning! Warning!

  9. Donald Ostrem commented on Diamond Lil 20 days ago

    “C’mon Stupid, Light my fire!” LOL!!!

  10. Donald Ostrem commented on Non Sequitur 2 months ago

    It seems to amazes me that about 12 years ago, that Mr. Wiley Miller (the 2015 Reuben winner), put a quote from the New Testament in the 2002 9/11/2002 comic. Well, it seems to me, Mr. Wiley has gone atheist on me.

    Mr Wiley, is a great cartoonist, but he’s all wrong about that all religions are bad and the people are stupid. To me, the Jewish people and Christians are still around and Jewish people want to go to their homeland after thousands of years.

    Listen, I’ve had 3 and more MIRICLES (Sorry, I can’t find spell check on this thing while I am writing you) in my life and I think my savior, Jesus Christ and God did it! You can believe what you want to and that’s why our God gave ALL OF US FREE WILL. I don’t what to go into an afterlife in which I’m a fly or a worm, or eternal punishment, but I want to see my loved ones (All of my loving family) in heaven. I’ve read the Koran & studied other religions and Protestant Christianity fits the bill! In Chapter one of the Torah & Old Testament (Genesis) it states, “Let US MAN in our own image.” Thus, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It seems everything in that Bible is coming true and it’s not vague!

    After this comment, I know I’m going to get a lot of hateful messages and anger on this, but I think this is your heart and soul and God doesn’t want nothing more but your soul. Your soul is priceless!

    Oh yeah, listen to country singer’s (Kix Brookes and Ronnie Dunn’s ) song in which it states about a young white boy being befriended by an old Black man in which the Black man dies while the boy is in college. “Don’t tell me there’s no life after this!” “The words are written in RED” & “Life doesn’t end in a slow car ride!”

    Rev. Franklin Graham is setting up a fund for those 2 Oregon Bakers to pay off that $135,000 fine that Oregon judge put on them. God’s word will always be forever and your atheism will pass away, but the Bible will never will!