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  1. StoicLion commented on Nancy about 19 hours ago

    The Beastie Boys were vastly overrated and lyrically inept. Meh!

  2. StoicLion commented on Luann about 20 hours ago

    Thank goodness for TJ!

  3. StoicLion commented on JumpStart about 20 hours ago

    Oh boy! More of Ray’s mysterious (and overly drawn-out) past….

  4. StoicLion commented on Big Nate about 20 hours ago

    Not advocating harming Godfrey but Coach is being a gutless wonder (different euphemism as yours but same sentiment). With such obvious bad calls, Coach should have spoken up. And, unlike some others, this kind of stuff only continues if one does not speak up!

  5. StoicLion commented on Big Nate 1 day ago

    It’s not his followers attacking opponents, though. The ones prone to attacking others are supporting the Donkey…

  6. StoicLion commented on JumpStart 2 days ago

    As another Georgian has noted, schools in this state started on/about the first of the month.

  7. StoicLion commented on Brevity 2 days ago

    Whew! Dan must have strained something reaching for that joke!

  8. StoicLion commented on Rip Haywire 5 days ago

    Glad to see Breezy is fine with disciplining RJ when he needs it (see earlier this week). His adopted Mom in the other reality talked a big game about being in his life but bailed at the first opportunity.

  9. StoicLion commented on Gil 5 days ago

    Funny, despite his faults, Dad isn’t bad-mouthing is former Mother-in-Law in front of his son.

  10. StoicLion commented on Brevity 5 days ago

    Who was the victim, Prof. Utonium?