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  1. uh-oh commented on Arlo and Janis about 6 hours ago

    People displaying frayed or discolored flags annoy me.

    Flags should be taken down every night.

  2. uh-oh commented on Alley Oop about 6 hours ago

    Impressive reader loyalty.

  3. uh-oh commented on Stone Soup about 6 hours ago

    She has no right to be miserable until the children are grown.

  4. uh-oh commented on Dilbert Classics 2 days ago

    This was in ronnies’ day,

  5. uh-oh commented on Jane's World 4 days ago

    Varying degrees of mental illness is normal in both gender of the species.

  6. uh-oh commented on Barkeater Lake 5 days ago

    This panel is a duplicate, unlike many of the others.
    Anybody got info?

  7. uh-oh commented on Frazz 6 days ago

    No way she misses Gay.

  8. uh-oh commented on Arlo and Janis 7 days ago

    Why not a phone app for your tablet?

    Too much fun ripping the suckers off. It makes the world go round, sort of.

  9. uh-oh commented on Big Nate 8 days ago

    Disc golfers groan collectively.

  10. uh-oh commented on Stone Soup 13 days ago

    Gotta get back on that bike ASAP!