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  1. Wiselad commented on Pearls Before Swine about 15 hours ago

    knightly nights where it is easy to see nightly knights

  2. Wiselad commented on Nancy 2 days ago

    you should have said, “thanks for helping me train for the home run derby”

  3. Wiselad commented on Peanuts Begins 3 days ago

    probably the classifieds

  4. Wiselad commented on Peanuts Begins 5 days ago

    so that is when he started reading?

  5. Wiselad commented on Peanuts Begins 6 days ago

    he might say 11 ;)

  6. Wiselad commented on Peanuts Begins 7 days ago

    first Patty, than later on the other patty

  7. Wiselad commented on Alley Oop 9 days ago

    you can ride them, would they want to be ridden is the question https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayHOkZAaT-k

  8. Wiselad commented on Luann 9 days ago


    “This Old Warehouse”
    “Intrepid, We Trust?”
    “Make Room For Tool Caddy”
    “Father Knows Zest”
    “Mid Life Spices”
    “Frank Knows Beans”
    “Zeal Parmigana”
    “Pie In The Sky A La Mode”
    “The Quicker Fixer-Upper”
    “Fables Of The Reconstruction” (♪)
    “Bigger Than A Breadbox, Slower Than A Ferarri, And Nothing Like The Love Boat”

    How about:

    “Zero Tolerance for Zero Experience”
    “How The Other Half Lives”


    what you think of “The Where? How? Us? Plan”? as title

  9. Wiselad commented on Peanuts Begins 10 days ago

    that is not what the girl of your dream says

  10. Wiselad commented on Luann 10 days ago

    “the where? how? us? plan”