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  1. Wiselad commented on Luann 16 minutes ago

    nothing wrong with saying “you are bad”, just don’t say “I told the bosses you are bad”

  2. Wiselad commented on Luann 18 minutes ago

    is nonsense, dirk came back after a long time, elwood did too, AE is the most noticeable one, technically Shannon is one, TJ himself came back after a disappearing of more than a year (I think it was 2 or 3 ), Jonah was mentioned but never shown for a long time after his appearance in the car show despite presence of Shannon

  3. Wiselad commented on Luann about 1 hour ago

    he is in arcamax

  4. Wiselad commented on Luann about 1 hour ago

    anytime when Greg thinks it suits him, he brings or mentions old character

    current important or semi important “hiatus characters from what I remember” are Dirk, Eiffel, the rich low height guy, Aaron, Zane, the former love interest of Brad, Delta, Rosa, the teachers of Pitts high

    “Semi-used” (mostly Sundays ) are Knute and Crystal

    and the “we wonder about not so important characters” would be Crystal’s brother, Toni’s uncle. Toni’s friend at the school TJ and Brad went to, the former owner of house brad lives at, and even some want an update of the Lewis family and also the uncle and aunt of Luann who live in a farm

  5. Wiselad commented on Luann about 2 hours ago

    sometimes for those who do not get it, helps when we add a “hehe snickers hehe” and a wink ;)

  6. Wiselad commented on Luann about 2 hours ago

    unless there is a major rework of the support frames, door placement changes do not need permits

  7. Wiselad commented on Luann about 2 hours ago

    what you saying? Shannon is stronger than TJ? ;)

  8. Wiselad commented on Luann about 11 hours ago

    most of the time inside jobs do not need permit………………………. permits would be needed though for making a new bathroom, or rearranging where the plumbing goes, or to convert a garage into a bedroom or to build new units (extend the house, make a garage, build a duplex when house is single unit etc )

  9. Wiselad commented on Luann about 15 hours ago

    Or with the hammer and other tools she will try to build a pool in the patio :P

  10. Wiselad commented on Luann about 17 hours ago

    still……………………… let;s say he was 13, and Toni was 15…………….. they were young and she herself went a little rebelish (her own words ) and their uncle and aunt took them, at least until both became adults, and uncle seems near enough that he gave Toni an used cars a few years back when she was still in paramedic school